What America Thinks Of Obama

No…this one isn’t what I think. This comes straight from a poll the Associated Press and NORC Center for Public Affairs Research took. It tells you what Americans think about Obama, and his legacy. And while I think it’s a little bit surprising, in the end analysis, I think it could be foretelling of Obama’s TRUE legacy.

57% of the people in the poll view Obama favorably. 37% view him unfavorably. That leaves 6% to not know who he is, or to not care one way or the other. That number isn’t surprising in that Obama has had a high approval rating for several months now. But it IS surprising because he is leaving office with a high approval rating. Looking at his predecessors, George W. Bush had a 40% approval rating when he left office. Bill Clinton matched Obama’s 57% number, and George HW Bush was at 62% despite the “Read my lips…” comment.

What is interesting is that 66% of Americans said he did not keep his promises in office. 44% said he tried but failed to keep them, while 22% said he didn’t even try to keep them. The other third of Americans said he did keep his promises. Apparently Obama did NOT make things better for blacks. Only 43% of blacks stated that they felt he improved their lives. 51% couldn’t tell the difference, and 6% said he made their lives worse.

As far as one of the biggest “hope & change” agenda items Americans wanted back in 2008 when Obama was elected, he failed. Uniting the country was one of the key issues Obama touted, yet only 27% of the country feels we are racially more united today. 44% disagree with that statement saying we are worse off, while the other 29% doesn’t see a difference.

As far as seeing why Democrats lost the White House, it apparently IS the economy, stupid. 40% said they are better off today than in 2008. 25% said that they are worse off, and 35% said they didn’t see a change from where they were in 2008. So even though Obama touts 75 straight months of positive job growth (which really SHOULD happen anyway in an economy like ours), not even a majority of Americans feel it, and don’t feel that the economy was really on the rebound…hence the vote for “change” that you hear so much about.

I found the poll to be eye-opening in the reasons why Hillary Clinton lost the election, and why Barack Obama won’t be going down in history as the “greatest president in the history of mankind”. Most Americans like the guy well enough (they felt that way about Bill Clinton too, if you remember), but they don’t think he particularly did a great job at making their lives better, or bringing us together as a nation. That was Obama’s failure to be a leader shining through. And again, it’s not me talking…it’s the poll talking.

The thing to take away from this is that history will write a completely different story on Obama’s presidency than you’re currently seeing on the nightly news.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


3 thoughts on “What America Thinks Of Obama

  1. If BHO was “so” popular, with 57% approval, then why did Trump win with the biggest landslide in American history? A lot of polls, I do not trust, because going back to WW2, government put their own people to work on polls, who canted and fudged numbers to indicated what they want.
    BHO’s approval rating outbound, is closer to 7%.

    • Well, I don’t know as if I’d put it as low as 7%, Brittius, but I’d certainly have it a LOT lower than 57%. Personally, I think it’s the MSM trying to puff up a deflated and dejected president who is leaving office realizing he has nothing to hang his hat on, and he couldn’t get Hillary elected to give him a legacy.

      • It’s low in percentage and an honest number is debatable only because polls have been manipulated all during BHO’s presidency. Such as low unemployment figures but truth is an estimated 97 million American citizens are out of work, reflecting 30% as more accurate number as opposed to WH press numbers. The approval is more likely at the figure of 7%.

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