Will You Give It A Rest Already?

The big worry among everybody this past November, leading up to the general election was, “Would Donald Trump accept the results of the election of Hillary Clinton and admit defeat?” it turns out, that was totally backwards. Instead of Trump having to accept the results of the election, it’s the Clinton camp that are trying to avoid admitting defeat.

They can’t seem to bring themselves to the reality of the situation that they, in fact, lost the election. I mean, how COULD Hillary lose the election, right? She was Hillary Clinton, and he was some dumb cluck that had no idea what politics was all about. Of course, that was about as wrong as Hillary wanting to campaign in Arizona in the final days of the election, instead of stopping by in Wisconsin, Michigan, or Pennsylvania, where it might have actually helped her.

Look, I get it that these people are still in shock over two months after Trump was duly elected. I understand they were so into the Kool Aid that Hillary Clinton was going to win, they can’t imagine a world with anything but Hillary at the helm. But they need to give it a rest already with this “delegitimized” election.

Brian Fallon, was on CNN last Friday and said, “Every day there are new developments, new shoes dropping, so to speak, that call into question the legitimacy of his win. First it was with respect to Russian interference. They tried to deny — the Trump folks did, that Russia was behind this, now they’ve been forced to admit that. Then they tried to say that it was not for the purposes of trying to help Donald Trump, they were just trying to sow confusion and they were targeting both sides. And now, folks in the government have concluded that it was actually to try to tip the election Donald Trump’s way. And now, with respect to the FBI, we see that Jim Comey’s actions are sufficiently questionable that the internal watchdog at DOJ thinks that they merit an independent review. So, I think Donald Trump is just trying to cling to whatever legitimacy still is in effect here.”

That’s a boy in denial. That’s a boy that doesn’t need adult coloring books and plush toys. He needs a psychiatrist in the worst way. And he’s not alone. I would expect psychiatrists and psychologists all over the country will be doing a landslide business over the next four years as confused and addled liberals try and figure out what the hell happened.

Here’s a very simple reason (once again) that Hillary lost. A) She didn’t talk about the issues, she tried to make Trump worse than she was. B) She had a LOT more baggage than he ever could have carried. C) He played to massive crowds. Her Parkinson’s Disease wouldn’t allow her to do that, so she had to reach people in a lot smaller numbers. D) He was open to the press (who were in the tank for Hillary), and she wouldn’t talk to them (because all they wanted to talk about was her scandals). E) Her campaign was totally at fault for thinking that she had everything wrapped up and forgetting the Midwest.

Five simple and easy to grasp reasons why Hillary Clinton lost and will never be president. There. Now, liberals, will you do us all a favor. The election is over. You lost. It’s time to grow up, be mature adults, put on your big-boy pants, and learn to give it a rest. We’re tired of hearing about it. You lost. Deal with it…but do it by yourselves and stop crying.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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