Congress Needs To Address REAL Issue With Obamacare!

Obamacare was really nothing more than a Democrat attempt to take over one-sixth of the United States’ economy in a power grab. There. That’s it. I’ve said it. They wanted to make every single American dependent on government, so they could hold that over their heads at election time. That’s what Democrats do (and no…this isn’t a commercial for GEICO). But Democrats screwed up in the entire premise when they wrote the bill. They focused on insurance, when what they told the American people they were doing was providing healthcare. These are two entirely separate things!

This is what the Republicans need to figure out going forward. Insurance is not healthcare. Insurance provides the means to assist in paying for the healthcare. It does nothing to provide access, as millions of Americans have found out in Obamacare. If the GOP-led congress doesn’t understand this when they write the new law, whatever it ends up being, it will fail as badly as Obamacare failed.

How many stories have we all read about people who had to go to a hospital three hours away because it was the closest one to their home that took Obamacare? How many times did we hear about having to wait a month and a half to see a physician on the Obamacare plan for a serious illness? The fact of the matter is, insurance does not give you access to healthcare. That is a total myth and needs to be blown up. IF the GOP really wants to “fix” healthcare, which really wasn’t all that broken for the vast majority of Americans in the first place, they need to work on the access to healthcare, not the insurance.

As insurance, Obamacare was really nothing more than a throwback to the old 80/20 Blue Cross plan that my parents had when I was growing up. I clearly remember my mother having to write the doctor a check after a visit. In recent years before Obamacare, that was never done. I’d go see a doctor, I’d give them a $15 or $20 co-pay, and I’d be out the door. No further bills, no 80/20. There were no deductibles, there were no hidden surprises. That was it. The rest was between the insurance company and the doctor. That was nice. That all changed with Obamacare.

Now we all have premiums which we have to pay (we’ve always had that), and we have deductibles that we have to hit before the insurance company gets involved, and we have “out of pocket maximums”. It was a rule changer that caused those of us that knew how to play the game to change the way we played. Last year, my wife had a planned, covered surgery in February. It took care of her out of pocket maximum…so she spent the year doing all of the other little things that she needed to take care of medically. It was all free and covered. Then she ended up having a rather serious situation crop up and ended up in ICU for a day, and hospital room for another day. That was covered all but maybe $100. It’s how you play the game…and the GOP needs to fix it so we get improved healthcare…not more insurance.

Let’s hope they get it right. If not, we’re back to Obamacare 2.0!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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