Clinton Foundation Begins Layoffs

Back in September, Hillary Clinton was so damn sure that she was going to be elected president that she and Bill decided to announce to the staff of the Clinton Foundation that they were going to have to lay off a bunch of employees. Not because they did a bad job, but because the perception of illegal pay-to-play activity was going to be too strong. Apparently, it wasn’t so strong when Hillary was just the Secretary of State, dealing with the leaders of the world though.

So, on April 15th, 20 members of the Clinton Foundation staff will be furloughed. Actually, they’ll be gone long before then. It was only announced to the public this week that the layoffs were going to occur. The staff knew about it months ago. And most of them have already found jobs elsewhere. Meanwhile, the Clinton Global Initiative, that money raising arm of the Clinton Foundation which was most under the microscope for pay-to-play is being dismantled and won’t be making a comeback.

And why should it? Let’s face it, while on the surface it looks like a great idea to get a charity to help under-privileged people all over the world, it really was set up to be a scam. It was meant to have the world’s countries come together to give Bill and Hillary Clinton a very nice IRA of sorts, tax free, because their foundation was a 501c3. So, Bill and Hillary could take a small pittance of a salary, say, $100,000 each, and yet earn millions from the Foundation by charging all sorts of perks to it. It was a scam of the proportion we have come to expect from the Clintons…nothing but the biggest, the brightest, and the most well-thought-out scheme…one that would draw the envy of Charles Ponzi.

Now, in the Clinton’s defense, they’ll tell you that something like 90% or so of the money donated to their charity went to the intended purposes…which is nice. But you know, if your company takes in $100 million a year, and you spend $90 million on “intended purposes”, and keep the other $10 million for yourself and pay a couple of hundred people a couple million as well, you’ve done pretty well for yourself, haven’t you? Let’s face it…as the people of Haiti have learned after their earthquake…it was a scam. I’m not saying there weren’t some people across the globe that are better off today than before because of the Foundation. I’m saying even the terrorist group, Hamas has backers in the Middle East because of their charitable giving. Just because you give a little bit of aid (or a lot in this case), doesn’t mean you’re not scamming the system…and it looks like that’s exactly what the Clintons could have been doing. Of course, that’s not proven beyond a shadow of a doubt (yet), but my hunch is, they’re going to be able to prove it up the road a bit.

Don’t cry for the Clintons…they’ll be ok in the short term. In the long-term, Bill may end up making history as the first ex-president to be sentenced to jail.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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