Now That He’s Gone…

OK, the pomp and circumstance has ended. Bobo Obama is an ordinary citizen again (of course, an ordinary citizen with lifetime secret service protection, and a pension the rest of us would ogle at for a lifetime). Donald Trump is securely ensconced in the White House. And it’s time for the historians to get to work to analyze the question: Was Barack Obama a good president or not? Let me help them in their cause.

The folks at the rather liberal leaning Gallup Organization asked a bunch of people whether or not the country was better off, the same, or worse off as it was eight years ago in 19 different policy areas. The response shouldn’t surprise anyone. The country was better off in four areas, the same in one, and worse off in 14. That would tend to lead one to believe that as well-liked as the former president was, he wasn’t very good at his job.

His top mark in improvement was in gay rights. Not a big shocker there! Energy, Climate Change, and the Economy rounded out the top marks (remember…we WERE in a large recession that he actually made worse with his policies early on!). The one area that was the same was Healthcare believe it or not! 43% of the people thought it was better…43% said it was worse, and 14% said it hadn’t changed.

As far as the areas that had worsened over the past eight years…in declining order: Trade Relations, Situation for Blacks, Education, National Defense and the Military, Taxes, Situation in Afghanistan, Immigration, US Position in the World, Terrorism, Situation in Iraq, Race Relations, Gap Between Rich & Poor, Crime, and coming in last was the Federal Debt.

With the exception of Healthcare, I really don’t find much of an argument with any of this if you look at it as two simple snap shots…where we were on January 20, 2009 and where we were on January 20, 2017. Gay rights had to top it with all they’ve achieved in the past eight years. Energy really has taken off, but not necessarily how Obama wanted it. Fracking has become huge, and I can tell you as a person that relies heavily on solar energy, that the big electric companies are fighting that one tooth and nail. Of course, the blacksmiths fought the automobile early on too! Climate change I can see, though we all know it’s a bunch of bunk. Yes, they made strides in the direction they wanted to go in, even if the overall reason was wrong, and the illness is fake (or at least, not man-made).

That left Healthcare, which I was puzzled about. Actually healthcare has declined in this country. ACCESS to healthcare may have risen slightly for about 2 million Americans (not the 20 million the administration would like you to believe), but for the other 325 million Americans who don’t use the “exchanges” to purchase healthcare, it really declined. Costs soared through the roof, coverage decreased, and choice among insurance companies has become less and less as time went on because the companies are losing their shirts with this plan. It also has become exceedingly difficult to get access to actual healthcare if you are on one of the Obamacare exchange plans because more and more companies are getting off of it. Overall, healthcare is worse off today than it was back then, and there really isn’t an argument that makes sense to keep it. In fact, no liberal I have ever talked about this with has an answer when I tell them we could have purchased every single uninsured American with a “Cadillac plan” and paid for it for the rest of their lives with the money thrown at Obamacare. That’s because there is no answer. It never needed to be fixed. What liberals don’t seem to want to understand is that some people just don’t want insurance (the young and healthy), and those that did want it and couldn’t afford it were given second-class citizenship by being forced to use a terrible product in the first place, while being forced to over-pay for it!

Overall, Gallup did a nice job. I have to say, for a polling organization that decided not to try and predict the presidential race this year, they hit the nail on the head, and it proves once and for all (science is settled….debate is over!) that Barack Obama’s presidency has been what I’ve said all along… one big failure!

Thanks, Obama!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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