Women’s March…Lots Of Whining, Little Action

So there were several marches around the country on Saturday, held basically by women who were upset that Hillary Clinton didn’t win the presidency, and those folks that were afraid that Planned Parenthood would lose its federal funding. Organizers in Washington were hoping for 200,000 people. And they wanted about 500,000 around the country to protest. Last word I heard was they failed to hit the number in Washington, but may have hit it if you added up the dozen or so protests around the country.

But here’s the problem with this march, and I don’t begrudge them in any way for protesting…it’s a tried and true liberal tactic that usually accomplishes absolutely nothing…all you ended up with was a bunch of women with sore feet by the end of the day. Nothing else was really accomplished. Oh, they felt good about doing something, but in the end, what was it that they really did? Did it change policy? Did Hillary get the White House? Did it really matter at all? The answer to all of those questions is absolutely not. They accomplished nothing positive for their cause, but to get onto a 24 hour news cycle, and boost the profits of airlines, hotels, bus lines, and rail. Oh, and big oil for those that drove. LOTS of gasoline wasted getting to the events!

And so it is, that another liberal protest has come and gone with nothing to show for it. It’s kind of like a more feminine version of the Occupy Wall Street protests of a couple of years ago. Other than live in tents like a bunch of campers or homeless folks, was anything really accomplished there? No? I thought not.

That is the big problem here. IF women around the country felt that Hillary Clinton was going to be the answer for them, and IF they felt that by having her in the White House, they would all be better off, then they should have gotten out and voted for her. Women outnumber men in our country, and in every state in the union. Had every woman out there really wanted Clinton, she would have won. But there is something unfortunate that these women are missing. Not every woman really wanted Clinton. The fact is women only represented 40% of the overall vote totals. While women Democrats voted 90-8 in favor of Hillary, women Republicans voted 89-8 in favor of Trump.

So while the snowflake women out there are crying and whining, they should have realized that their candidate would lose because of those facts. Not enough women got out to vote. In fact, only 54% of the country’s eligible voters went to the polls. If you REALLY want to win an election, you need to get a candidate that energizes your base. Barack Obama did that the last two elections. Donald Trump did that this election. Sorry gals, but you needed someone with passion, and Hillary Clinton isn’t it!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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