Oh, It’s Going To Be A Fun Ride!

I really do think the next four years are going to be fun. I’m not just talking about the undoing of everything the last president did. I’m talking about watching the protests of the left as they continue to be the snowflakes that they are. All of the mainstream media snowflakes, the congressional snowflakes, the snowflakes in the street, the Hollywood snowflakes, it’s going to be fun watching them cry and protest themselves into a psych ward somewhere.

Because quite frankly, that’s all they’ve got.

Instead of being proactive about stuff, instead of trying to make the best of a bad situation, these idiots are out doing stuff that nobody cares about, won’t change a thing, and in ten years’ time, won’t matter a whit. But then again, that’s the liberal mantra. It matters not what you accomplish, only what you tried to do.

I personally think that most forms of “protest” are a waste of time. People shutting down a street so they can chant how unhappy they are about something never accomplishes anything. All it does is piss off the business owners, who are relying on the traffic through their stores for livelihood. It pisses off the police who have to be on hand so things don’t get crazy, and to tamp down the rioters when it does. It costs the communities money because they have to pay all of that overtime for the cops and the other services in order to pick up after the protesters. And what’s gained at the end of the day? Ask the people that live in Ferguson, Missouri. They’ll tell you nothing. What has been gained by all of the plans to shut down Donald Trump’s inauguration? Nothing. The man was inaugurated without incident. 80,000 people showed up in a rain shower in Washington DC in January (not the best weather situation!) to witness it.

The same thing holds true with all of these other protests. They won’t accomplish anything, but the people will feel good about themselves because they’ve done something. Well, in truth, they’ve wasted their time. It won’t mean a damn thing gets accomplished. It just means a few hundred people walked down a street carrying a few signs and screaming some inane slogans. At the end of the day, nothing has changed, nothing has been accomplished, and they are no closer to the REAL goal that they want (which was to have a Democrat in the White House, and control Congress) than they were before they started.

Instead of all of the gnashing of teeth and crying like two-year-olds, these folks might want to pull it together and either get some voter initiative going, or something of the sort. They aren’t doing themselves any favors by playing this game. But then again, that would mean that they would have to grow up and be adults and actually be responsible for actions, and that’s not going to happen.

So it will be a fun filled four years as we watch the left continue to cry, and protest, and scream about how America is ruined. And in the end, when everybody is better off than they are today, America will rebuff them…just like they did after eight years of Ronald Reagan!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


5 thoughts on “Oh, It’s Going To Be A Fun Ride!

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    Trump has gotten more women up and off their fat asses than all of the health and fitness gurus have in a decade. Fresh Air. Moving around. Exercising lungs. Let’s hear it; From the top; Everyone together:

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