Does The MSM Need To Change?

It is going to be very interesting to watch the Mainstream Snowflake Media in the coming years. They tried to crucify Donald Trump while he was running for office, even before he announced his candidacy. Well, to be fair, I didn’t think he had a shot in hell of winning the nomination either. But the press was relentless in their coverage of him, so much so that he barely had to spend any money at all compared to what Hillary Clinton spent, in winning the White House.

The bad news going forward is that the media went all in and lost. They had drunk the Clinton Kool-Aid and did everything and anything they could to demonize Trump. In the end, they ended up with the poo-poo-caca on their face, not the other way around. It was shown time and time again that the Washington Post, the New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, and the three major networks falsified stories, or gave as facts rumors that turned out to be false, all regarding Donald Trump. And now they are being called on the carpet for it.

Actually, the coverage of the inauguration didn’t vary that much from the coverage of Trump during the campaign, with officials now stating that the inauguration was the most-watched in the past 36 years (that’s 9 presidential cycles going back to the 1980 inauguration of Ronald Reagan). When you throw in the millions that streamed the event online, it becomes the most-watched inauguration ever. And the snowflake media reported about 30% fewer people than were actually there, and what was shown on TV and on the web.

That brings up the interesting point. Going forward, the media are going to have to change or they are going to continue to get left in the dust, losing credibility (about the only thing they have left!) along the way. As Trump put it, “If you’re going to fact check me on every little item, you had better believe we’re going to be doing the same on you!” And he’s right.

I learned once upon a time, you never want to get into a fight with a person that buys ink by the barrel. But you never EVER want to get into a fight with a person that is the most powerful person in the world. The chances of you emerging from that battle with your head squarely on your shoulders is almost nil. And that’s the situation the press finds themselves in. I’m not saying that they have to treat Trump with kid-gloves…not by any stretch. But I’m saying they aren’t going to get away making up stories like they have been doing (and have been admitting to). Of all of the people out there, Donald Trump won’t stand for it.

So, do the media change, or fight (and lose?)? That’s the big question that hasn’t been answered. I suspect there will be some left-wingers out there willing to risk it all in order to fight. And I suspect there will be some folks that fall in line. The fact is neither of those two groups matter a hill of beans. The only thing that matters over the next four years is what Donald J. Trump accomplishes as president, what he can hang his hat on, and what the American people think about it. It’s certainly been proven in this election, America doesn’t think too highly what the media thinks about things.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


5 thoughts on “Does The MSM Need To Change?

  1. Well Desert, I’m back after a self imposed vacation while enjoying the Pagan holidays, easing into my return to the Board of Directors and finally took down my Visigoth Winter Fest fake tree on Monday.

    I will admit that the real news organizations (Fake News channel does not qualify) called the 2016 election wrong although Hillary won the popular vote basically skunking president Dinky Fingers. I will also admit that the real news organizations gave him billions of dollars of free advertising so he could spout his verbal incontinence while throwing softball questions. Now as for your allegations of fake stories about him, please provide details. If anybody was inaccurate it was Dinky Fingers himself.

    If Reince (The Clown of Kenosha) Preibus wants to fight details, bring it on. So far Dinky Fingers lied shortly into his inaugural address saying there 10 of millions present and hasn’t stopped since then. Sean Spicer after a disaster of a Sunday press conference said he would never lie and then proceeded to lie. Senior counselor and top quinny, Kellyanne Conway on Sunday doing Meet The Press got horsewhipped by Chuck Todd over “alterative facts” which is doublespeak for lying. Dinky Fingers on Saturday lied to the CIA in front of a memorial to fallen CIA personnel that the media was responsible for his feud with the intelligence community. The cheers you heard were ringers he brought in. The New York Times proudly used the word lied in their headlines regarding this nonsense. Now he is calling for an investigation into 3-5 million illegals voted in the election because he lost the popular vote and his fragile ego has had its ass kicked. Now taxpayer money will be wasted on this investigation we all know is utter bullshit. I will admit that this is a green light for Republicans to crank up the voter suppression machine. Food for thought, if that many people voted illegally, why don’t we have a new election as there is no proof that they voted for Hillary.

    Now, to make sure that certain facts, you know real facts cannot be verified, he is gagging all Federal employees, deleting any info on climate change (check out a chart of CO2 emissions since about 1850) and who knows what else at the EPA.

    Now we are going to have the start up of dark sites, Muslim bans, a border wall that will not work, torture and who knows what else. BTW, I thought Republicans hated executive orders as they are usurping the duties of Congress or that only applies to Democratic presidets or Democratic half black presidents?

    Unfortunately, MSNBC is wasting time on this voter fraud nonsense when they should be concentrating on Republican women’s groin police, the gagging of Federal employees, the XL pipeline which the Canadians say is no longer cost effective because of current oil prices, and why if we want to be energy independent did the Republican Congress pass a bill last year to sell our excess oil overseas? Why not keep it or is it easier to go back to Iraq and steal theirs, a war crime? Why a potential massive tax cut that benefits the wealthy and not Dinky Fingers beloved unwashed masses who’s tax bills will actually go up, it’s called “flatting the tax brackets.” I imagine your friend Stephen Moore or that idiot on CNBC, Larry Kudlow dreamed up that one. How about the potential Muslim ban? I am more afraid of being shot by a good white Christian than a Muslim in this firearm happy State.

    Enjoy your mentally ill president as he is not mine. RESIST!!!!!!!!!

    • So many accusations….so little proof. Ringers? Lies? You have a great imagination, but really don’t show any proof of it…kind of like Hillary and her email scandal. While I agree it is a waste of time talking about fraudulent voting (especially when you’ve won), what the press (and apparently YOU) miss is he isn’t talking about every state. He’s talking about California and New York, where yes…there was an indication of illegal aliens voted. Same happened to be true for Wayne County, Michigan where in one precinct 700 more people voted than actually lived there. Shades of Chicago! I really do enjoy it when libs talk about how we “steal” oil from other countries, when we are sitting on the greatest reserves of any country on earth. Nice try…but you need to go wash your bicycle or something. Oh…and it’s NOT a “Muslim ban” as you call it. It is slowing down the process of approving applications until the people actually get vetted. You have a problem with not letting terrorists into the country???

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