Can Dems Recover?

There is a really interesting saying that socialism will never die because there are too many stupid people in the world that want something for free. And while that’s a pretty accurate assessment of the left, it also isn’t at all accurate for what Democrats are feeling today.

Democrats are absolutely morose over the loss of the presidency. I don’t think any of them were prepared for what happened this past election. Every one of them believed in their heart of hearts that Hillary Clinton would be the president, the Dems would take back the US Senate at the very least, and quite possibly, because of Clinton’s large coattails, would re-take the House. Instead, they are looking at a chasm the size of which they haven’t seen in almost a century.

The problem for Democrats is, they don’t know how to get out. Nobody is standing there throwing them a rope, and in fact, nobody is standing there. If you were to ask the top Democrats today what their strategy is to re-gain power, you’d get probably a dozen or so mostly half-baked ideas that have very little to do with reality and nothing to do with Donald Trump actually succeeding at anything in office. When you ask them who is going to lead them out of the abyss, they have a bunch of people they point to, but as we’ve seen so far, they are the same old, tired players that have dotted the Washington scene for years.

Who can they turn to? I’ve mentioned several times over the past couple of years that they don’t have a very long bench, forget about how strong it is. That was evidenced by the fact only four people on the left saw fit to run for president. After Hillary and Bernie, you had what, Jim Webb, and Martin O’Malley? Then what? Barack Obama certainly doesn’t want the mantle after eight years, especially when it comes with no real power. Harry Reid is dead for all intents and purposes. Nancy Pelosi has one foot in the grave, and no one with any brain stem function can even understand her outer space rants. Joe Biden, while popular with the left, and possibly interested, is tied to an administration that is going to end up being as popular as the Titanic the day after it sank. That leaves who? Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders? Two uber-left wing oldsters that are past their prime, and would have been something to watch in the 1960’s.

No, the Democrats have no one that is young, and ready to lead. There’s no John Kennedy…no Jimmy Carter…no Bill Clinton on the horizon for them. They only hold 18 governor’s mansions across the country, so the odds of them elevating a governor are slim. And because the state houses have flipped as well, there aren’t many at the state level, like where Obama came from, that can lend a hand.

So the question is, what now for the Democrats? And the answer is in the wind. There just isn’t anyone there yet. But don’t worry leftists…there will be. There’s always someone waiting in the wings somewhere. The question is, who are they and how effective will they be, and most importantly, how long is the rope they’re bringing to rescue the rest of the party!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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