Fox News Mis-Fires With Harf Hire

marie-harfLet me state right up front, I can personally think of probably 300 people that are more qualified to be a Democrat strategist than Marie Harf. Remember her? She was the “neato-neato” 12 year old girl that took over as spokesman of the State Department when Jen Psaki, who WAS really pretty good, ended up going to the White House.

And in case you missed it, in their waning wisdom, Fox News has decided to hire Harf to join Martha McCallum’s new show as a “Fox News Contributor”. This after Fox has decided NOT to renew the contracts of syndicated columnist George Will, GOP strategist Ed Rollins and others.

Let me put it as bluntly as I possibly can. Marie Harf has rocks in her head. She has no intelligence, and has no place on that network. She really belongs with her own show on MSNBC, where there are fewer people watching than reading this blog right now.

Let’s go back a ways to prove my point. Do you remember Harf’s comments about ISIS? She said the way for the United States to defeat ISIS was to start a jobs program for them. That these were people that were unemployed and had no money and no hope and all we had to do was put them to work with a meaningful salary, and we’d win the war. Remember that? How about her actions on the anniversary of the Benghazi slaughter? Harf was seen partying instead of laying low. I mean, for crying out loud, it was one of the absolute low points in the Obama administration, and even the president himself called it his worst day in office. Why you would think you could go out and get drunk and smoke Cuban cigars that night while you are the spokesperson of the department that was mostly responsible for the whole tragedy in the first place is beyond me. That is a little girl with no brain function, which was why she was relieved of duty and reassigned to be an advisor for “strategic communications” to John Kerry less than 2 years on the job.

And this is the type of person Fox News wants to put on the air? Yikes! That’s about all I can say, is YIKES!

I was hoping that she would end up marrying a lobbyist somewhere, get pregnant and never be heard from again. Instead I’m going to be watching her on TV now? I cringed having to watch this pre-pubescent teenager when she was at the State Department podium. Now she’s actually going to have to make sense! Either that or she’s going to be a softball for Charles Krauthammer, Tucker Carlson, or Steve Hayes to smash out of the park. Maybe that was the thought process? Maybe they were getting a little long in the tooth and needed some help. Or maybe it was that the Democrats just don’t have anybody that makes more sense? Either way, Marie Harf doesn’t belong on television. Unless she is showing you how to use that remarkable new item that Ron Popiel came up with!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


3 thoughts on “Fox News Mis-Fires With Harf Hire

  1. Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    I don’t know…
    Maybe Fox can push Shep out the door, as he has turned liberal and fruity, but let Harf stick around a while. Fox is stepping to the Left, lately. She could give an insight of the DNC members, or, worse case scenario, be a comedy relief as Fox’ Dingbat.

    • First off, thanks for the RB! Second, I’ve never been a fan of Shepard. No idea why Fox would turn left…but that could have been Ailes influence over everything. With him out of the picture, they could be CNN Jr. I think you’re right about Harf being a Fox Dingbat…she’s off to a good start at it!

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