Dems Just Wanna Be Dems

I was talking with a rather conservative friend over the weekend about the women marching all over the country. He was aghast that these people were out protesting, and wondered why it was they didn’t campaign more for Hillary Clinton. Actually, I think these WERE the women that were campaigning for Hillary Clinton. Unlike Donald Trump, I think they WERE the women who voted in the election. Let’s face it, there are a lot of women in this country and not all of them were marching on Saturday…only a very small percentage!

But the interesting thing that came out of the conversation was the fact that the Democrats today are feeling about Donald Trump exactly how I felt about Barack Obama eight years ago. Yes, I wanted him to fail. No, I didn’t think he’d last four years in office, much less eight. And while I felt, as Democrats will eventually get to, that the Republicans eight years ago had a terribly weak candidate in John McCain, as the Dems had in Clinton, I realized something rather startling.

The Democrats today are acting just like most Republicans did eight years ago.

Oh, we didn’t protest in the streets. We formed the Tea Party. We didn’t burn cars and stand outside of Obama’s Chicago home screaming. We went to work trying to figure out how to change the message. And it was a very painful and tumultuous time in the GOP. Just like it’s a very painful and tumultuous time in the Democrat party right about now.

About the only difference is, the Republicans tried to work with the Dems early on. They allowed seven of Obama’s cabinet picks to be confirmed on his first day. Chuck Schumer, head of the Dems in the Senate, allowed two after promising that he would also allow seven. Lesson learned early. Don’t trust the Democrats. They obviously didn’t trust the GOP when it came to writing and voting on Obamacare, it was done without any GOP input or vote. So, the GOP gets to run things for at least the next two years, and probably more, and the Dems can try and figure out how to get power back. In time, they will. Everybody does, and we all know it’s cyclical.

I say, let the Dems be Dem.

Eight years ago, Rush Limbaugh was crucified by everyone left of center for saying he hoped Barack Obama failed. That was racist, it was unpatriotic, and it was wrong (according to the left). Today, the left is saying the exact same thing about Trump, hoping to get him out of office before his four years are up, threatening to move anywhere in the world but here (and then reneging), hoping that he fails and doing whatever they can do to cause that. Exactly what the Republicans did with Obama. And Obama did fail. He failed miserably. But I seriously doubt it was because of the Republicans. It was because he was too liberal for the country.

The Republicans should let the protestors go on making fools of themselves. They should let the Dems in Congress keep playing “slow ball” with Trump’s nominations for his cabinet. And they should continue to fight them. Because the Democrats aren’t going to play ball. THAT is not in their 1960 playbook!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!