How To Deal With “Sanctuary Cities”

Donald Trump and the mayors of cities like Chicago, San Francisco, and Austin, Texas are in the news getting ready to do battle over this whole “sanctuary city” label. Trump wants illegal aliens to not have a “sanctuary” in this country, and the liberal mayors disagree. So Trump has decided that he’s going to pull out federal funding for those cities that don’t fall in line. It’s pretty much the same old dodge the federal government uses anytime it doesn’t get what it wants.

The problem is, it’s not going to work this time.

The mayors have too much face to lose if they cave, and the money that we’re talking about here isn’t that great. Donald Trump needs to do what he normally does if he really is serious about getting the illegal alien criminals out of the country…think big.

There is a way to do it that would work, and it’s so easy, I can’t believe that anyone in the Trump administration hasn’t thought of it, with his cabinet having “the highest IQ ever assembled as a cabinet”. Instead of taking a few million dollars from Chicago or San Francisco that they can easily re-budget around, call up the governors of Illinois and California and say that you’re outlawing sanctuary cities, and any city in their state that doesn’t go along with it will put the state at risk of losing all of IT’S federal money. And not just some relief money, but ALL federal monies. No highway tax dollars, no education dollars, no block grant money, nothing. You put the decision in the state house and the governor’s mansion, not in some city hall somewhere. Let the governor’s make the cities the bad guys that are costing the state money.

If you do that, you are solving several problems in one shot. You do away with all of the liberal sanctuary cities in the state, instead of targeting each one…and you do it with fewer phone calls/orders/etc. And you dangle a MUCH bigger carrot in front of the state than you ever would the city. It’s easy to tell Chicago that you’re going to take millions from it. It’s a much bigger pill to swallow to tell Springfield (the Illinois capital) that you’re going to take billions!

There is where Donald Trump is making his mistake. He’s fighting a little fish when he takes on someone like Rahm Emanuel or Ed Lee (mayor of San Francisco). What he needs to do is tackle the big fish and let them go after the little minnows.

It is going to be a fight regardless who you tackle because liberals want votes (that’s all they see the illegals as), and the conservatives, while enjoying the lower waged workers (yes…that’s taking advantage of them!), want to toughen up our admission standards for citizenship, or at the very least, enforce them. But on this one, Trump is on the right track. Cities cannot pick and choose which federal laws they are going to follow any more than you or I can. You follow it or you pay the consequences. THAT is the way it works!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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    Correct. Pull all federal funds away from the state, and let them apply arm twisting. When elected officials scoff the law, then all laws, are bogus.

  2. Well Desert, another post that is poorly researched and is is logically drivel.

    There was a case decided by the Federal Court back in 1974/75 when you, as a probable Trump supporter, were trying to grope cheerleaders in high school. The case involved the Office of Economic Opportunity a/k/a EOE and its funding. Now Tricky Dick from Yorba Linda decided to punish cities, VISTA and other entities for essentially giving him and the government a hard time with lawsuits, Congressional reps and Senators on the Watergate commissions in both houses, etc. He decided that since the president can’t do anything illegal (where have we heard that recently?) he would stop the funding to body politics and agencies through the OEO. Obviously the various body politics sued and in a little noticed decision (I read a lot then while in Legal Aid, it was called Federal Reporter) the Court ruled that the president’s actions were unconstitutional (get accustomed to this phrase Mango Moron) as the president cannot halt funding that has been appropriated by Congress. Bummer.

    Now this brings us up to what’s happening now. For your unwashed masses who are unfamiliar with the government’s fiscal year, it begins on 10/1 and obviously ends on 9/30. This means that funding appropriated by Congress last year will be distributed until 9/30/17 and president Unhinged Orange can’t do anything about it. As for future funding, the Republicans are sort of in a box as they adopted the Tea Party in 2009 and all their loonies, some are now in Congress, who are essentially ideologues and hate spending, except in their districts. Now there is enough of this “Freedom Caucus,” it is unclear who’s freedom they are talking about and what kind of freedom, are not hot to vote on spending bills, raising the debt ceiling, generally anything that has to do with governing and are generally a pain in the ass. Since these clowns would probably vote no for sanctuary cities funding, that leaves Little Eddie Munster needing the Democrats to pass any spending measures in the House. There are also some of these bozos in the Senate that Ky. Senator Prune Face needs Democrats to pass the House’s spending bill. Now if you think the Democrats are going to go along with a spending bill that short changes their urban areas, you better take a remedial course in Poly Sci.

    So president Orange Glow Stick has delivered another kaka sandwich with his big mouth and all the Republicans in Congress have to take a bite. How’s that control of the legislative and executive branches working out for you? Have a nice weekend in various Federal Court jurisdictions? Why does Reince ” The Klown of Kenosha” Preibus, Sean Spicer and Kellyanne Quinny look like they would rather read Plato’s Apology and chug some hemlock with only 207 weeks to go?

    Another point to consider, local police are not obligated to to assist in enforcing Federal criminal statutes. Police power is reserved to the States and also to local governments as there is no police power given to the Feds in the Constitution (Enumeration clause) and is also interpreted in the Tenth Amendment. Have fun storming the castle.

    Not My Illegitimate President! RESIST!!!!!

    • Well, as usual, you either make stuff up or don’t understand the English language. Let’s be clear…I NEVER said it had to happen between now and 9/30/17. Of course there is a budget in play. But Trump holds the cards going forward, it IS a possibility after 9/30/17. The rest of your rant is really lacking…and by the way…I’ve been contacted by a couple of constitutional attorneys that have said Trump DOES have the power to do this if done correctly.
      Oh…one more thing. I NEVER groped a cheerleader in my life. But I WAS groping others in 1974. I think she was the state shot put champion!

  3. Well Desert, you seem to have some sort of complex that when I state facts in general, you think I am putting words in your mouth. Case in point, Trumputin withholding moneys from sanctuary cities this fiscal year. I was merely pointing out that one, he can’t do it and two, since Republican Congress is a bunch of toadies and cowards, the Orange Glow Stick is managing by executive action (and rather poorly) and could easily sign an order to this effect, which would be unconstitutional.

    Since mayors, governors and businesses are lining up to sue Agent Orange over the immigration ban, it is my wish that they shop jurisdictions to file the action so they receive a favorable decision, like the Republicans did filing in Texas on Obama’s executive orders. I would recommend the Ninth Circuit as it is the most liberal with the Appellate Court in San Francisco, a sure win.

    Now let me get this straight, constitutional lawyers contacted you. Was this after reading what I typed? What was the process for Trump to withhold funds after being appropriated by Congress and in the face of the OEO court decision? Maybe these attorneys materialized from your closet of imaginary friends, like the FBI agent.

    Finally, like previous posts, you attack me for some dopey reason or another but never actually refute with facts as is typical with conservatives.

    Not my illegitimate president! RESIST!!!!!!

    • My oh my, Snarky…do we have a self inflated opinion of ourselves or what? You raise one good point (the budget for this year is already done), and think you’re God’s gift to politics? First of all, you seem to forget that the immigration “ban” as you call it (it’s just a postponement…there IS a difference, and Obama used it too!) will eventually end up in the US Supreme Court, which now will be conservative, so it doesn’t matter what Appellate Court hears it.

      And yes…I do get constitutional lawyers reading my stuff from time to time, as well as international bankers, insurance executives, titans of business, former and current military and police, athletes, and even average joes like you…and no…it didn’t have anything to do with you. Or should I say, it was in spite of what you write? Your lack of knowledge in the political arena is scary! Yes, Congress appropriates the money through the budget process, but the Executive Branch spends it (or chooses not to spend it). Just because it’s been appropriated does NOT mean it HAS to be spent. I think I’ve refuted your argument with “facts” as you call it…and I did so without referring to anyone with a less than polite reference. You should try it sometime!

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