Trump Off Base On Iran Warning

I have to say that most of what Donald Trump has said and done since January 20th has been a breath of fresh air, especially after the stale reek of failure that his predecessor left in Washington. Trump has done more in less than two weeks than Obama did in two years, which kind of surprised me. But not everything Trump has done was smart, or will succeed. I thought his “Make Mexico pay for the wall” thing is off base. Nobody can “make” Mexico pay for something they don’t own. WE are going to pay for the wall.

And the second thing was when National Security Advisor, General Michael Flynn put Iran on notice.

Let’s be clear. Iran is a gnat that needs to be swatted. And there aren’t many countries in the world that have the capability or the willingness to do the swatting. The Iran Nuclear Deal that former Secretary of State John Kerry “negotiated” (some say gave away) was a farce. It did absolutely nothing but guarantee that Iran would get the bomb…but do so after Obama left office, which was all he was concerned with. He didn’t need yet another foreign policy failure on his resume…but he got one anyway.

That all being said, Flynn never should have come out and said what he did. He basically drew another “Obama line in the sand”, just like Bobo did with Syria. The only difference is, I really do believe Donald Trump and his administration would make Iran pay. But let’s examine this a little farther, shall we?

Just what does “on notice” mean? No one outside the White House is saying. It doesn’t have a diplomatic definition. Does it mean we are going to slap their hands? Does it mean we are going to send in CIA operatives to sabotage their nuclear program? Does it mean we are going to freeze their assets again, or take back the $150 Billion we gave them under Obama? It’s really a nebulous term that doesn’t have any place in politics or foreign policy. It’s like telling a teenager that if they don’t clean their room they’re “going to be sorry”. Big deal!

What the administration should have done is act. Let’s be serious for a minute. I’m not necessarily talking about military action. I’m talking about something that makes them cringe. Maybe you knock out their power grid. Maybe you destroy their financial system through hacking. Maybe you assassinate someone of high target value, like a top scientist or an Imam (which would have major negative consequences and just also happens to be illegal). But you don’t announce it. That’s what Obama would have done. And then he would have chickened out, because as we’ve seen time and time again on the world stage, he was a coward, and he couldn’t pull the trigger when he needed to. It’s one reason he was a terrible president.

No, Donald Trump and his team are better than that. They just didn’t show it with Michael Flynn’s actions. Let’s hope they get better!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!