Why Should Muslims Be Scared Of “Extreme Vetting”?

You saw the protests in the airports that will really amounted to just an extra-long time for you to get through the crowd and get to your gate. It didn’t really accomplish anything else. And you heard the snowflakes on Capitol Hill screaming about how bad Donald Trump’s hold on refugee travel to the United States is. But in reality, what do the people that matter most think, even though a snowflake judge has put a halt to it temporarily? What do Muslims think about it?

My hunch is they SHOULD appreciate it. The one thing that has been missing in this entire war against terror is a staunch anti-terrorist stand from the Muslim community. Oh, there have been some that have spoken out against it, but not that many frankly. And as someone that lived near Dearborn, Michigan for most of my life…the most heavily concentrated Muslim population in the country, I would have thought these folks would have come out and said, “Enough violence”. But they have been relatively silent.

I would have thought the people that would have wanted to separate themselves from the “Muslim Extremist Terrorist” group…you know…the guys and gals that Bobo Obama never wanted to call by name? I would have thought the Muslims that weren’t in that category would want to differentiate themselves as peaceful, loving, and worshipful. That hasn’t appeared to be the case. Oh, there are some, but not many.

If Muslims in America really ARE part of a peaceful, loving religion, then why not come out in favor of such a move, especially to make sure you aren’t letting terrorists into the country? Why wouldn’t you want your sons and daughters to be safe, to be sheltered from what could very well take their very lives? Why wouldn’t you want to make sure as best you could that every single person that we let into this country as a refugee really IS a refugee and not part of ISIS or some other terrorist group? It seems to me that the people that should be most in favor of “extreme vetting” would be the people that have nothing to hide and actually are the innocent victims in all of this. At least that would be the case if you had nothing to hide, right?

Instead we hear precious little from Muslims. Oh, they protest, they show up at airports and around the world crying how the US is so bad for trying to protect its own borders. How they can say that with a straight face after watching the horrors that have unfolded in Europe after massive refugee migrations from the Middle East is beyond my comprehension. Germany, France, and Belgium have all tasted the sting of terrorism by letting their guards down in the name of humaneness. And it’s been a tragedy each time. Their leaders are to blame for allowing it to happen in the first place. Why is America so bad because we want to make sure the same thing doesn’t happen here? Why aren’t Muslims in this country standing up and asking that we make sure that their “peaceful, loving brethren from war-torn countries” be checked and double checked to make sure they aren’t harboring ill will toward America?

Those answers can’t come from me. They can only come from the Muslim community. I’m waiting and listening…I’m just not hearing anything!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


3 thoughts on “Why Should Muslims Be Scared Of “Extreme Vetting”?

  1. Well Desert, I see that the pretzels conservatives such as yourself are at it again. You ask what is a pretzel conservative, one who twists facts for the present situation then untwist them later when they no longer serve their purpose. Such is the twisting here.

    The reason for the extra long time at the airport was because of the travel ban by executive order, obviously the new way to govern by mentally unhinged presidents. Funny how Rethuglicans hated those by the previous president even though he signed less than other presidents. Anyway, until Federal Court judges issued Temporary Restraining Orders against the bans, those people where stuck. Seems the valid visas allowed them to enter the country. Don’t you just love the Constitutional checks and balances! These people went through vetting that took a minimum of two years and in some cases much longer. Evidently that is not good enough for president Jackboots. Like most of his cockamaymie ideas, he has no details and lets other people figure them out. He’s not a businessman, he’s a bullshit artist and his unwashed masses that voted for him drank the Kool-Aid.

    As for the litigation, how did that appeal work out for you in in the Ninth Circuit? Huh, how did it work out? Anyway, there will be a hearing later this week on a Preliminary Injunction which would stop the travel ban through a bench trial with the end result of a potential Permanent Injunction. Yes, I know there will be appeals to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals but the possibility of president Dinky Hands and his faithful companion Steve Neo-Nazi (that what he really is) will get kicked in the balls repeatedly. Which will lead to an expedited hearing before the Supreme Court. With a four-four tie guess what happens? Yeah Baby! Love that jurisdiction shopping, don’t you? I guessed this earlier this week, didn’t I? Now Senator Prune Face from Kentucky seeing this go down is going to try an ram the reactionary Supreme Court nomination through, possibly using the nuclear option . This could come back to bite them when President Sasha Obama appoints five justices during her two terms starting in 2041. But on to other points you raised.

    As in true pretzel conservative style, Muslims are not acting the way you want. White people marching and protesting, stupid, Muslims not marching, carrying signs being vocal, sinister. I guess the biggest asset we have are the Muslims, including Imams, who advise the police of people they believed to be terrorists or potential terrorist plots is not good enough for youse guys, as we say in Chicago. This is according to big city police departments like New York City, departments in New Jersey and yes, Dearborn, Michigan and even the FBI and DHS admit this. Ask your imaginary FBI agent friend. If up to me, I like the latter rather than the former, what’s your thoughts?

    I found your statement a bit hilarious about living near Dearborn as you lived 54 miles away. I live approximately the same distance from the rez over in Snobsdale and I don’t know what they are thinking nor do I care other than the white man determining new ways to screw them.

    So President Obama didn’t call them radical Islamist extremists, so what, I know what they are and I would have appreciated if President Obama called them Pissed Off Fuzzy White Rabbits because a name really doesn’t make any difference when you know what they are. Pretzel conservatives are just honked off because Obama wouldn’t use their language so they tried to make him illegitimate with another stupid point.

    There are what, maybe around 1.5 billion Muslims in the world and a small percentage are using religion for violent goals. This is the equivalent of these cheap money hustling Christian TV preachers in constant need of your money for their lifestyle. Case in point, Jim Bakker, convicted felon, constantly begging for money, selling food buckets and overpriced generators, yet going to Washington, D.C. for the Orange Glow Stick’s swearing in with his chippie wife, staying in Glow Stick’s hotel for a week at say $400 a night, living high on the hog with the other TV preachers (he has shown video all week) and coming back saying that they are behind on their bills, could go off the air and, oh yes, they need money to start operating their new TV studio. What part of Jesus’ teaching covered that? This is not representarive of all Christian preachers.

    Islam is a peaceful religion and if you ever the Koran you know that all chapters but four begin with discussing love. Does your Bible do this, not in the Old Testament and not in the New Testament? Just because Muslims don’t conform to what you think they should be, there is something wrong with the community. Typical white men thinking and typical pretzel conservative thinking.You want it both ways.

    As for the countries under this ban, none have done anything untoward the United States yet Muslim countries that president Jackboots has business interests in have done us harm, say Saudi Arabia to start are not included. Funny how that works out. As for the problems in Europe, those terrorists were born in Europe and the same with the United States, with the exception of Boston and San Bernadino’s guy’s wife. As for Orlando, what kind of terrorist calls 911 to pledge support to ISIL? ISIL didn’t even claim he was a member for almost two hours. More people are killed in the United States with guns than terrorist have killed since September 9th. How about extreme vetting on gun purchases? Oh yes, that nasty Second Amendment those phony originalists say that any nitwit have have a 50 caliber sniper rifle.

    I know this is sort of a tant, but name thins I have pointed out that are not true.

    Not my illegimate president. RESIST!!!!

  2. I’m a man of many words, many, many words. You work with lawyers as long as I have you learn that lawyer briefs never are.

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