A Very Stupid Idea…

I love creativity. When you brainstorm and you just start throwing out ideas, you are going to get a bunch of really crappy ideas. But you also get a few golden nuggets. That appears to be what’s happening now with people around the country as they weigh in on how they would handle immigration reform and “paying” for the wall on the southern border.

One of the dumbest ideas I’ve heard of is getting the illegals that are currently in this country to pay for it. Reason? Simple. They don’t have enough money to do it. Let’s face it, these folks are not wealthy. They are working for sub-minimum wage jobs, in industries you and I probably wouldn’t want to work in if we could at all avoid it. And they are doing it to stay in the shadows…to make just enough money to survive without drawing the attention of the authorities. I mean, they ARE after all, illegal!

So, how are you going to get them to pay for the wall? There are currently, conservatively, eleven million (and I’ve heard as high as thirteen million) illegal aliens currently in the United States. The wall project has been said to cost between ten and fifteen billion dollars. Let’s use thirteen million aliens and a ten billion dollar wall, making it the most conservative figure possible. It would come out to each alien owing $769,230.76 to pay for the wall. Now the only question I have is, if they had that much money in the first place, why did they leave their home country?

Illegal aliens are not going to pay for the wall. So, let’s move on to another dumb idea. Trump says he’s going to get Mexico to pay for the wall. Mexico says they aren’t going to do it. Can Trump MAKE them do it? Well, in a way. He can put tariffs on anything coming into this country through Mexico. That would start a trade war, and wouldn’t be productive, but it WOULD end up eventually, allowing Mexico to pay for the wall. Do we cut off their foreign aid? Well, we could…again, harboring bad feelings with our neighbors to the south. And what would that bring in? In 2013, we gave Mexico $51.5 million. That comes out to one half of one percent of the cost of the wall. Is that worth pissing off Mexico? Personally, I think not.

No, to build the wall, Trump needs to do what should have been done back in the 1970’s and that’s we should build the damn wall ourselves and cough up the money. It’s our border that we want to protect, and it’s our job to do it. It’s not Mexico’s job to stop their people from wanting a better life…especially since they are so corrupt they can’t give them a better life there. How much does it cost Americans to build the wall? Almost $31,000 for every man, woman and child in the US (illegals included). Spread out over ten years (which is what Washington likes to do), it costs us each about $3,100 a year. It IS the most reasonable figure out there.

So, while Trump may be right in wanting to build the wall…when it comes to paying for it, he’s way off base. You and I are going to pay for the wall…there’s no other option…unless George Soros wants to chip in?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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