Where The Snowflakes Are Wrong…

It is interesting to watch the Snowflake Party (formerly known as the Democrats) implode on every little thing going on in the Trump administration. Interesting because I have studied American psychology quite a bit in my life, and I can tell you that the more bombastic you are in your criticism over every day little issues, the more bombastic you have to be to get someone’s attention when something really big happens that you really disagree with.

So far we are getting, as US News And World Report puts it, “hair-on-fire criticism every 12 hours” from the Snowflakes. And it will eventually hurt them. Here’s an interesting question that needs to be asked: Just how many issues can the Snowflakes protest in a week? How many issues can Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi bash in seven days and still have any credibility at all? I’m not sure of the answer, I just know that over time, it becomes the boy who cried wolf, and pretty soon they will find that nobody listens to their incessant whining and crying anymore.

I’ll give you a really clear case in point. Think back to the Global Climate Warming Change issue. Remember how Hollywood and Al Gore were saying in the Clinton administration that we had like ten years to live and we’d all be dead because of the rising seas? The rhetoric they spewed was so volatile, so vile, so filled with lies, that eventually people started seeing it for what it was. Oh, it’s important not to litter. It’s important not to pollute. But we learned ten years later when the seas hadn’t consumer New York, Los Angeles, and Miami that these guys were all full of hot air. So when something big came along and they really had something to talk about (I’m not sure what that was, by the way), nobody cared about what they were saying.

That’s what’s going to happen to the Snowflakes in Washington. Everything is so negative…everything is so hate-filled, and generally, Americans want to look at the bright side of things and hear a positive message. That’s what got Reagan elected in 1980…”It’s morning again in America”. That’s also what got Trump elected. “I’m going to fix things. We’re going to make America great again!” Snowflakes need to learn that negative messaging only works for a very short while and then it turns people off. They need to learn that a positive message is what matters. It’s the same thing with the protesters. When you protest everything, nobody realizes you’re protesting anything. You become “one of those nuts” to the rest of normal America, and they don’t pay any attention.

Snowflakes should realize this sooner rather than later. Where the Republicans tried to work with the previous administration and were soundly rebuffed, Snowflakes aren’t even giving it a shot. They are screaming from the rooftops that the country has already gone to hell and there’s no turning back. Where is the positive message with that? Answer: There is none.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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