Snowflakes Are Losing It

I think it was Rush Limbaugh who said that when the Democrats aren’t in power, they go totally insane. He said that after George W. Bush beat Al Gore in one of the closest races ever. Remember that one? Gore won the popular vote…Bush won Florida by about 500 votes to take Florida and win the Electoral College. That was 17 years ago. But this year’s crop of snowflakes are more interesting to watch as they burst into flames than the group that existed way back then!

Hillary Clinton, the loser in the last election, has finally come out and said something. And in typical Clinton fashion, she was as divisive and sexist as ever. She said to a woman’s conference going on in (where else?) California that “Women are going to rule the world”. Well, not yet. Maybe someday. And I’m not against it if they do, but not the women Clinton was talking about. She was talking about the women that took part in the “Women’s March” that proved women CAN walk, and use bull horns, and scream! Other than that it proved very little.

Or take Maxine Waters. She’s the California representative in DC that has served actually three different districts, the 29th, 35th, and now 43rd. And she’s always good for a laugh or two. Her latest is that Donald Trump is in bed with Vladimir Putin and they “don’t need evidence for impeachment”. No…you’re right Maxine…but you DO need votes, and you currently don’t have anywhere near the number you need in the House of Representatives…and you have nowhere near the number you need in the US Senate to obtain a conviction.

So, why are the Democrats still in a frothed fury over Trump being in office? I’ve thought about that lately. It really isn’t because of policy differences. I truly believe it’s because Trump is slowly dismantling the Democrats’ last president and his legacy. Little by little, every little thing the last president did is being dipped in a bath of acid and washed away to nothing. And so, you’ve got a bunch of Capitol Hill Snowflakes that are doing everything and anything they can to try and disrupt…from having George Soros fund the marches and protests, to crying over cabinet appointments and the nomination of Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch. Because if they don’t cry and scream, they’re afraid the country will stop listening and let Trump win.

The problem that snowflakes never understand is the country WILL stop listening to their incessant whining. They’re not very good at it, and they don’t make a lot of sense when they do it. What they should do is all get together and come up with a plan. It shouldn’t involve impeachment. It shouldn’t involve “getting Trump out of the White House”, because that most likely isn’t going to happen. What they SHOULD be doing is figuring out why they lost, and it isn’t that they didn’t get their message out there in the last election. That’s always their excuse. They lost because they don’t have any new blood, and they blood they used in this case was so damaged she had to try to make Trump look worse than she was. She was the most flawed candidate in US Presidential history. And the snowflakes need to realize that before they make it again!

Other than that, sit back, enjoy the rant…it’s always fun to watch someone make a fool out of themselves!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


7 thoughts on “Snowflakes Are Losing It

  1. Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    Women, have tendency for hormonal rages, and in my opinion are poor leaders. Snowflakes, display similar rages, and I wonder if both female and snowflakes (male and female), have the behavior taught to them, and passed as, hormonal rages.
    I have dealt with countless numbers of people who knew, beyond any shadow of doubt, that their actions were wrong, but they did it, anyway. It could be anything from running a traffic light, to attempted murder, and always, the high strung emotional behavior. Could it be insufficient IQ or lack of maturity? Something, is malfunctioning, somewhere, in this case of being in the heads of snowflakes.

  2. Well Desert, after three weeks in office, president Pence’s Poodle or Bannon’s Bitch, whichever you find appropriate, has shown what an utterly ignorant clown he is. Thank goodness we only have to endure 205 more weeks of this freak show, less if impeached, a distinct possibility.

    Anyway, aside from the Anal Cyst of the EIB, you really don’t get it. You and your gay poster Brittius believe that women just cannot do any job other than the German kinder, kuecke, kirche.

    Then there are the proverbial lies that all protests are funded by George Soros, like all Teabagger gatherings were funded by right wing donors. Seems to me that you have a serious problem with the First Amendment unless it involves president Poodle Bitch and his merry band of Neo Nazis.

    We progressives both in and out of government demonstrate to show disfavor with the Rethugs and their agendas. When you consider that the president’s top advisor is a neo-Nazi, the AG is a racist, the head of Education and Energy are essentially idiots, the potentiak head of the EPA hates the EPA, the national security adviser is a conspiracy theorist and Islamophobe, the potential head of HHS bought stock on insider tips and then wrote legislation to benefit his holdings, the potential head of HUD qualifications are he is black and once lived in public housing for a while as a child, the potential head of the Treasury is a rapacious banker who violated Federal statutes during the housing crash to foreclose on people, the potential head of Labor is head of a fast food company that found ways to screw workers and the head of State is a glad handing BS artist who formerly headed one of the largest oil companies in the world that denies climate change and has made deals with some of the worst dictators to suck out their country’s energy resources. No problem here, move along, nothing to see.

    As for Maxine Waters, the numbers change when redistricting takes place or as you conservatives call it, gerrymandering which keeps honky blow holes like Joe Barton, Louie Gomert, Steve King (both) in office.

    When you come down to it Hillary lost by only 50k votes in the Midwest but won the popular vote by almost 3 million, which still sticks in president Poodle Bitch’s craw.

    As for Obama’s legacy, it’s there for all to see and no matter what the Republicans do, you cannot erase history.

    The current clown in chief is your joe and you own what he does

    Not my illegitimate president. RESIST!

    • Even you never cease to amaze me! Let’s see all of your mistakes this time around. First of all, let’s look at “impeachment”. Nice try if it works…but you need to pass it in the House. In order to do that you need the votes. You don’t. Done deal…and you think America is going to give the House back to the Snowflakes after all the incessant crying they’ve been doing? That’s not leadership. That’s being a crybaby.

      Second, I never said anything about women. Get it right or don’t say it.

      Third, you “progressives” show how tied to the 60’s you are by protesting and really nothing more. Interesting fact I learned recently (according to a study from Columbia University). 95% of the people out there marching live with their parents, and their unemployment rate is 45%. I wondered how they could take so much time off work!

      Fourth…after the total lies the last EPA administrators and HHS Secretaries told, don’t even begin to shake a finger at this administration’s picks. Shame on you! And finally, yes… Maxine Waters has served several districts due to redistricting (the only thing in your rant you got right). The sad part is you’re blaming Republicans for redistricting California? Who holds the keys to their state house? Not the GOP! She needs to blame the Dems for re-drawing those lines. Time for you to study up again on your civics! And by the way…even though I didn’t like Obama, he WAS duly elected and WAS my legitimate president, as Trump is yours. Saying he isn’t doesn’t make it so. It only makes you sound stupid. I know you’re not so stop acting like it.

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