Open Door vs. Security

The United States has always wanted immigrants. That’s what has built a great nation. We’ve welcomed the poor, the huddled masses of the world for centuries, and we’ve succeeded. But we’re at a crossroads, and the 9th Circus Court of Appeals, the most over-turned appellate court in US history, has decided that is the only thing we need to worry about going forward. Apparently they are not concerned about security, which is the whole point of Donald Trump’s order to postpone immigrants for a while.

And the whole argument boils down to making sure the US is secure, versus allowing anyone that wants to achieve the Great American Dream into the country. There is one problem with the latter’s thought process. Not everyone wanting to come to America these days is looking to achieve the Great American Dream. For some, they are looking to achieve the Great Extremist Islamic Dream, which is to bring death and destruction to America as quickly and painfully as possible. And therein lies the crux.

I don’t really think that most, make that an overwhelming majority of Americans have a problem with people coming to this country to seek refuge. Where most people (and it IS a majority according to every poll that has been taken) don’t want refugees to come is when they aren’t properly vetted. Let’s face facts here shall we? Over the last 20 years or so, we’ve done a terrible job of vetting immigrants. You would have thought after 9/11 we would have toughened our standards a bit, but the previous administration wanted to loosen them, not tighten them. Of course, it was done solely for political purposes.

So, when Donald Trump comes along and wants to make it tougher to immigrate to America, for refugees to gain entrance into our country, it is with an eye toward security, not the saying on the Statue of Liberty. He wants to make sure the intentions are good first, then let them in. The 9th Circus has no qualms about denying that…and did basically.

So, we’re set up to let folks flood into the country. And according to ISIS, they ARE sending members into the country. Those people are going to attempt at some point in the future to tear our country down, and we’ve only got the 9th Circus and naïve Snowflakes to blame. Folks, if you don’t protect yourself first, you’ll have nothing left to protect. And I certainly hope that when the next attack occurs, as we all know it will, and we learn that the perps came in during this period, that we take the judges on the 9th Circus and hold them criminally accountable. That IS the only fair thing to do. Judges that want to re-write the law should have to understand the one thing most liberals don’t…there are consequences to actions. By wanting to play open arms to the world’s terrorists, there is a downside that will have to be blamed on somebody, and it won’t be Donald Trump!

And for the liberal snowflakes out there that are reading this, let me ask you a question…are you keeping the door to your house open at night? If so, would you mind sharing your address with everybody? Yeah…didn’t think so!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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