Hollywood Banding Together…So What?

Boy, Hollywood is pissed! And they are going to do something about it! Talent Agency, WME-IMG has decided they are going to open a new Political Action Committee designed to interact with politicians. The decision came 19 days after Donald Trump was sworn in as President. So…we’ve all been warned. Hollywood is coming after us all!

And I say, “Big deal”.

We’ve seen the type of sway the moguls and “stars” have when it comes to telling America what we should be doing politically speaking. Remember the last two attempts? There was the last ditch effort to get anybody but Trump elected…and then there was the last ditch effort to sway the Electoral College voters using the same old, tired, beat up technique. All it showed us was the same, old, tired, beat up actors that haven’t worked in years. And it seems that’s all Hollywood has.

And it goes back to my original point I made when all of that was in the news…who really cares what washed up actors, or even super-stars of today think about anything other than acting? I don’t need Martin Sheen, or Mike Ferrell telling me what to think, and neither do you. We are smart enough to make up our own minds. In fact we did. And apparently, the Electoral College folks didn’t need them either. They didn’t listen to a word they said. So why should we start listening to them now?

Don’t get me wrong, I understand there are other generations, younger than I, that feel differently about issues, and the world in general. And yes, in the future at some point, they are going to get to rule based on their ideas, just like we have. But that point isn’t today, and won’t be for quite some time. It’s not the Millennials that rule the country. In fact, it’s not even Generation X that rules the country today. It’s still the Baby Boomers and will be. Unfortunately for most of Hollywood, that means the country as a whole will be a LOT more conservative than they are. I say, suck it up, deal with it, and get on with life.

A Hollywood Talent Agency that decides to form a PAC shouldn’t be earth-shattering news to anyone. Hell, I thought they’d done that years ago. But just because you’ve formed a PAC doesn’t mean it’s worth anything, or that it’s going to be effective. Just ask Stephen Colbert…he formed one a few years back too.

This is just another Snowflake Movement from a group of people who don’t want to deal in reality, but think that if they scream loud enough and tell the world that Donald Trump isn’t their president, it’s so. Well, it’s not so. Just as much as Bobo The Clown was my president even though I was embarrassed as hell to admit it to anybody because of all of his failures, they will eventually have to grow up, leave the snowflakes behind and admit that Donald Trump is their president. Either that or stay the misguided snowflakes that they are…the choice is theirs, not mine, and not yours. Let’s have fun watching them explode, shall we?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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