Poor Little Rich Girl

So Nordstrom is dropping Ivanka Trump’s line of clothing from their stores. The retail giant has decided that the Trump brand isn’t selling as well as it should and therefore they are going to be dropping it from their stores. It has sparked a massive outcry with women all over the country ripping up their Nordstrom charge cards and swearing never to shop there again.

And I say, big deal.

It doesn’t matter one bit if Nordstrom carries Trump’s line or not based on political reasons. The mere fact that everybody seems to be missing here is that it’s a business. And it’s run as a business. And the Nordstrom folks have every right to put whatever product in their stores that they see fit. If it sells they make money. If it doesn’t sell, they lose money. It’s a pretty simple equation really. And while yes, there may be some decisions that are based on politics, the over-riding factor in any business decision is what makes you the most money.

Let’s put this another way. There’s a fashion industry group called BrandKeys that did a study that said of women that spend $250 or more on an item of clothing, 83% like the Ivanka Trump brand. And there are only 17% who don’t like it. That means if Nordstrom were to pull the brand from their shelves because it wasn’t selling (as they’ve claimed), then one of two things is happening. Either Nordstrom’s customers aren’t in the Trump target market and don’t spend $250 or more an on item of clothing (i.e.: they make less money than Trump’s brand costs), or Nordstrom is lying and it IS a political decision, not based in any business reality. If the first theory is true than Nordstrom isn’t an upscale clothing store, and it’s reflected in their decision. If the second theory is true, Nordstrom is making a bad business decision or isn’t marketing the product to its customers correctly. Either way, it doesn’t speak well for Nordstrom.

Ivanka Trump will survive, and probably Nordstrom will too. They really don’t need each other. But Nordstrom is free to make whatever business calls they feel they need to make. Donald Trump doesn’t need to tweet about it and rush to Ivanka’s side. And Nordstrom doesn’t need to fight a wave of criticism. If the women that shop there boycott the place in large enough numbers, Nordstrom will get the hint and have to deal with it as any business would. If it is a wise business decision, then Nordstrom won’t have to worry at all about it because sales won’t be hurt. It’s simple Econ 101.

Let Nordstrom make their decision. It’s their company, and their call. I’m sure Ivanka will get over this crushing defeat. And Donald Trump should stay out of it…regardless how he feels. Sometimes presidents just have to keep their thoughts to themselves!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!