The “N-Word” For Journalists

Chris Cuomo is the new co-host of “New Day” on CNN, and he isn’t off to a very good start. As you know, CNN isn’t the most fair and balanced news network out there. In fact, most would say they are probably one of the most biased and left-leaning. Some of the comments that have been made on that network would tank most journalism schools around the country.

So Cuomo said after Donald Trump again accused CNN of airing “fake news” that saying that was the equivalent of using “the N-Word” for journalists. Oops. Let’s examine, shall we?

First of all, having been in the media, I can tell you Chris Cuomo, in fact most of the talking heads you see on the news channels are NOT journalists. They are news readers. That’s all they do. Very few of them do actual journalistic work anymore. Second, Chris, CNN has been accused, as has I think every single news network out there of falsifying or at the very least, slanting the news to fit their political leanings…and all but one lean to the left. Well, if you count the internet there are a couple more, like Drudge and Brietbart that most assuredly lean right. And CNN has had more than its fair share of instances where it has been caught leaning so far left that it defied the meaning of the word “objectivity”.

CNN has been found guilty of fake news so often that to question that fact isn’t even relevant. But to liken it to “the N-Word”? Really? He had to apologize for it. That’s pretty offensive. Now, it SHOULD be offensive to be called fake news to journalists. Instead, they seem to wear it as a badge of honor, kind of like Bill Clinton did with impeachment. I mean, the only thing a journalist has to hang his or her hat on is their credibility, and when you lose that, you’re nothing more than some idiot writing down notes. That is really what CNN has become. It’s a reason why according to Rasmussen, Congress actually has higher approval ratings than the media does these days…you can’t trust anything the media says.

I find that to be a huge shame that the media would play with the one thing…the ONLY thing that they have in their arsenal that decides whether or not they are believable with what they are saying…their credibility. Walter Cronkite, Harry Reasoner, Chet Huntley, and David Brinkley all have to be turning over in their graves. Every single one of those guys were objective and credible. And every single one of those guys were as liberal as anyone on TV or on the internet today. But they knew that their objectivity meant their credibility, and you never caught on what was their own feelings and what was the story they reported on. They kept it separate. Today, that trait is lost to the ages, and the media will never get it back.

So we are left with a bunch of talking head snowflakes that ooze their brand of liberalism all over the airwaves without concern of what is truthful and what is right. It’s a shame really, and we have the journalism schools like Missouri, Northwestern, and Syracuse to thank for it. When you put liberals in charge, the first thing that goes out the window is the truth. It’s the only way liberalism survives.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!