Bye Bye Regulations!

Bobo Obama’s staff worked long into the night leading up to their departure from the White House in order to stuff as many new federal regulations onto the books as they could. Apparently, it’s not going to matter. According to the 1994 “Congressional Review Act”, those agencies had to send a report on their new regulations to congress for their approval. Once congress received the report, they had 60 days to decide whether or not to allow the regulation to take place.

The problem was, the Obama administration was in such a rush to try and jam as many liberal ideas through they forgot to send those reports to congress, and the 60 day clock never started. So now all the Trump administration needs to do is send the report, and the Republican led congress has 60 days to dismantle pretty much all of the regulations that Obama’s folks put into place in the waning hours of their administration.

And, to add insult to injury, apparently out either spite or incompetence, Bobo’s people “forgot” to send reports on most of the regulations that they had imposed over the course of the last eight years. That means that pretty much every single regulation that Obama enacted without the approval of congress is subject to being dismantled. And the Obama snowflakes are in mourning over it.

They realize now that everything they worked so hard to accomplish, everything that they thought was going to hamstring the Trump administration into living with liberal policies is going to be thrown away like beer bottles after the Super Bowl. Congress is eager to get a look at all of the these regulations that have never submitted reports, and the vast majority of them are likely to end up on the scrap heap.

Something along these lines would seem to be poetic justice. If you try to pull a fast one, you ought to feel the sting when it comes back to bite you in the tush. And in this case, there are eight years of stinging rebukes that are going to be unleashed. That means that it will give the Screamin’ Meanies on the left in congress plenty to cry about over the next four years, and it will prove what I’ve said here all along…the Obama presidency is going to be an asterisk in the pages of history, except to document the multitude of failures it racked up. The lesson for both parties should be clear and heeded. If you try to pull a fast one, and the opposition party gets elected, you are going to find that most of what you did is going to be wiped out.

In this age of partisan divide, it is exceptionally clear to anyone living in the clean air of the desert that the party in power, holding both the Executive and Legislative branches, are going to be able to rule, and are not going to be able to be over-turned. Add to that if the party in control decides to pull an FDR and pack the courts, and get a few Supreme Court nominations, they will basically control politics and the government for well into the next generation. In this case, Snowflakes controlled congress for only two years. And the power of the executive order pen looks as if it was filled with disappearing ink!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


3 thoughts on “Bye Bye Regulations!

  1. Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    A very nice report. I notice from past experience, that burglars and robbery men do the same thing in their haste, just ram and stuff, whatever they can, into their bag, and run away.
    If, BHO, had America’s best interest on his mind, and in his heart, he would have worked more diligently, and methodically, to make certain, that America, and Americans, benefitted.
    But no. He ran like a thief, anything in his grasp, was not considered, just grab, grab, grab. Power junky. A bigger mirror to gaze upon his reflection, while the Pomp and Circumstance, played on.

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