“Washington Prom” In Peril

The White House Correspondents’ Dinner is a tradition that goes back to 1921. It’s been held every year since and is a chance for the media that covers the White House happenings to get together with the President and enjoy an evening of frivolity. It’s also a chance for the President to try his hand at comedy. Some have done a great job (it WAS one of Obama’s shining moments in the White House!), while others (like Richard Nixon) have struggled mightily.

This year, the event known as the “Washington Prom” because it gives the press a chance to wear their finery and show off their new duds purchased just for the occasion, is in peril of not having a host. No comedian has shown an interest in hosting the event this year, and strangely enough, Donald Trump isn’t really excited about going, even though it’s on his official calendar. The press, also isn’t really excited about it because of all of the accusations of them using “fake news” by the White House. So where does it stand and why? Well let’s look, shall we?

Donald Trump called out the press often and rather severely during the presidential campaign. He has not had kind words for those he felt were berating him, or treating him less than what he felt was fair (which was, in all honesty agreeing with him). He was quick to throw a lot of the reporters under the bus and even went so far as to pull the press credentials of a few news organizations because of the way they covered the campaign. He hasn’t let up since he moved to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue either.

What’s worse for the press is America seems to be buying into the whole “fake news” thing, and can see the media bias as a bad thing. Donald Trump is now viewed as more truthful than the press by almost 10%! That’s a HUGE turnaround from when he was inaugurated and had an “honesty quotient” of only 42%! Today it stands at 48.7%. Meanwhile, the media is only seen as truthful by 39.4%.

So if you have a press corps that isn’t interested in attending the Correspondents’ Dinner, a President that doesn’t want to go, and comedians who usually host the roast that don’t want to do it, the looming question is, why in the world would anyone want to continue the tradition? The even bigger question is, does America really care if it goes forward or not? I know I’m one person that could care less. Granted, everyone should be able to have an event or two every year that they are able to blow off a little steam, but frankly, the press has brought this on themselves. They have turned an honorable profession into that of a sleazy whore whose only interests are making more money, and lambasting political views they don’t agree with. That isn’t a profession…that’s a smear job.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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