Can The Media EVER Get Back To Normal?

The Snowflake Media Network (which includes the three major TV networks, CNN, and MSNBC, as well as most large daily newspapers in the country) has hit rock bottom. They’ve been uncovered for foisting fake news upon the American public to try and get folks to not go along with the Trump administration. That’s just wrong and they know it.

What rankles me is that the media has gone beyond being biased. They’ve gone to the realm of fake news…making up news stories that just aren’t true to try and prove to the American people that we were wrong in electing Trump. Let’s just say it’s the left’s latest playbook strategy in showing the world how disappointed they are.

And it’s really a new low.

Oh, they’ve got a constitutional right to say whatever they want in their newspapers, and on cable TV because those aren’t regulated by the FCC. However, the three major TV networks that are engaging in this crap ARE regulated by the FCC, and CAN be fined, or have the stations in their network lose their license come renewal time. Those individual stations ARE responsible still for the fake news they put out on the airwaves, even if it’s sent to them by ABC, CBS, or NBC.

The latest to hit the fan is the fake news regarding claims regarding national guard troops being ordered to the border by Trump. That was reported by the Associated Press, and was made up. It never happened. It seems that there is a rash of more and more false news being delivered by organizations that prided themselves in the past of “getting it right”.

Of course, leave it to the snowflakes to try and spin it another way. John Podesta came out and said that the Trump administration is making a very dangerous move when they call into question fake news. Huh?

Yes…you read that right. It’s dangerous for the Trump administration to call into question when a news organization gets it wrong, or makes it up. His addled reasoning is because that means Trump can spin the news the way he wants it. But what Podesta, who I don’t believe ever took a journalism class in his life, doesn’t realize is that facts ARE facts, and when you make up facts you produce fake news. We all make mistakes in reporting stuff. It’s a nature of the beast, and it’s the reason “corrections” columns exist in newspapers. Nobody’s talking about that. What we are talking about is making up fictitious articles and news stories to make the Trump administration (or anybody, really) look bad. THAT in the past has gotten countless reporters fired from their job and some have even lost prestigious awards because of their falsifying documents. Remember Brian Williams, formerly of NBC News? Didn’t he get canned for stretching the truth, not even making up stories, just changing some facts?

The media does not have the right to make up news stories and present them as the truth. THAT is a lie, and THAT should be stopped at all cost up to and including yanking their licenses when they actually have one. You can’t do much about newspapers, but they are dead dinosaurs anyway. And cable news is pretty much on its way out as well. No, you must show the ugly side of biased journalism for what it is. After all…it’s exactly what the left would do if the situation were reversed!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


5 thoughts on “Can The Media EVER Get Back To Normal?

  1. Actually, the press didn’t report that Trump had ordered troops to the border, the press reported on a memo that said that such an order was contemplated. While railing against the press you should get your own facts right.

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