The Problem With Leaks

Every single administration that enters the White House seems to have had a problem with “leaks”…someone somewhere that decides they want the press to know what’s going on, so they tell stuff they shouldn’t. It’s happened to Trump with the whole Mike Flynn debacle, and actually it was probably a good thing…even though the leaker was wrong for doing it.

Remember, Victoria Nuland? She was the person “at the podium” at the State Department when Hillary was there. Then she got promoted to another position, and ended up getting to actually speak to foreign dignitaries as Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs. She was the one that told a dignitary on a telephone call to “f*ck the EU!”. Not a smart thing to say when the NSA is listening in, as it was.

See, the NSA listens in to all calls between Americans and foreigners. They need to in order to decide whether or not there is a terrorist plot being hatched. And Victoria Nuland got caught up in that web. So did Michael Flynn, when he was talking to the Russian government. And it wasn’t the fact Flynn actually spoke with the Russians. It was that he lied about it. And he lied about it to Mike Pence.

The bigger problem is the leakers. While in the Nuland case, and in all likelihood the Flynn case, the leaker probably helped out America by exposing a wrong doing (in Flynn’s case though it was the lie following the crime, not the crime), it was wrong and the leaker needs to keep that stuff quiet, or at the very least not make it public.

That’s the problem with leakers. Half the country thinks that Edward Snowden was a traitor and a criminal that ought to be put to death, and half the country thinks he’s this hero for fighting the government and pointing out glaring errors in the way the Obama administration was working. And if Snowden hadn’t leaked those crimes, Hillary Clinton would most likely be president right now. But, it was still wrong of him to leak them to the public.

There are things that go on in this country that believe it or not you do not have a right to know. I tell people this at my “work”. They don’t like to believe it. They like to be busy-bodies and be in on everything that’s out there. That’s just not how it works. Hey, nobody likes to hear the latest gossip more than me (it can get lonely in the desert). But truth be told, there is a right to know and most people do not have it. In this case, it was most likely an Obama holdover that did the leaking (at least according to the media…if you can believe them). If it was, it was done for spite. That’s never a good reason to be leaking something.

Being patriotic is one thing. Being biased and partisan when you have a non-partisan job is quite another. It’s time the snowflakes in DC learned that, and time the Trump administration did something about it.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


3 thoughts on “The Problem With Leaks

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    I highly doubt, there will be any prosecution of Kate Walsh, and that will damage the president’s credibility substantially.
    Who vetted the woman and why, was an Anti-Trumper, of all the people on earth, allowed to be hired and work within the administration? If Priebus vouched for her, if I were president, it would place both of them in a very poor position.
    Confidentiality Agreements, alone, could be grounds for prosecution, particularly due to the employment being at the White House, and the delicate nature where unsecure data and information, if accurate or erroneous, could cause people to lose their lives and cause irreparable damage to the nation politically.
    The president surrounded himself with Vicious Snakes, and only he can decide whether he wants to move forward as president, or allow the leaking enemy to destroy his presidency at only one month into a four year term.

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