Ya Gotta Give Em Time!

Donald Trump has been in office just over a month. That means in about 30-some-odd-days, a lot has been done to untangle the pile of feces that was left by the previous administration. But we, as Americans, seem to lose sight that the good things in life, sometimes, take time. Let’s not forget that when the Democrats were fighting amongst themselves eight years ago to actually pass Obamacare, they took about 11 months to do it. It wasn’t done overnight, and it wasn’t done without some horrendous deal making (Remember the Ben Nelson’s infamous deal selling out his vote for some special treatment for Nebraska?).

So why is some right-wing media jumping all over the leadership in their efforts to “repeal and replace” Obamacare? Give them time. If by the fourth quarter they haven’t come up with them, I say, lower the guns and take aim, but ya gotta give ‘em time. Better to do it right than to do it fast…and I’m a guy that is month four of COBRA, hoping that I don’t have to do anything with Obamacare!

Let’s be honest here. Obamacare for the most part sucks. It did one, maybe two things right. The one thing it did right was correct the “pre-existing condition” clause that saved insurance companies millions. The other thing a lot of folks say it did was protect those 25 year olds living at home in their parent’s basement. That’s because they weren’t able to find a job because Obamacare impacted every business with 30 or more full-time employees. No one without a job could find work, so they HAD to live in their parent’s basement.

Other than that this bill was a nightmare from the word go. It gave insurance to the indigent, but it never gave healthcare access to them. It made being poor a second class citizenship because of the fact the only people that went to the exchanges were the poor, the sick, and the indigent. No one of means went to healthcare.gov. No one wanted to because it was such a bad joke. And it took time to get this bill through congress, and only passed by one vote.

So, we need to give the GOP some time to work this thing through. There’s a lot on their plate this year with tax reform (another item that can easily be screwed up), Obamacare repeal, and immigration reform. That would be a lot for any congress to tackle in one session, much less one year. Let’s do it right, and get rid of Obamacare entirely. Not just fix a part here or there. That does nothing to fix the escalating costs every American is feeling. You’ve got to make it affordable by allowing us to buy insurance across state lines, increasing competition, and you’ve got to be able to help those that can’t afford it. But you can’t make it as monstrous of a bill with no real benefits, like Obamacare.

The Republicans in congress need to learn one thing. Insurance is useless unless it actually covers something. Democrats never learned that.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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