Ellison, Sanders Lose Big in Atlanta

Yesterday was going to be the day that Bernie Sanders, who narrowly was defeated in the Democrat primary by a scandal plagued Hillary Clinton got revenge. He was going to basically take over the party and jerk it sternly to the left. His guy, Keith Ellison, an uber-lib from Minnesota, and the first Muslim elected to the House of Representatives, was poised to be the next head of the Snowflakes. And yet, it was not to be.

Oh, it was contentious as the presidential election. Oh, it was fraught with the same tenacity that we saw between Sanders and Clinton in the primary and Clinton and Trump in the general election. Unfortunately for the Vermont Senator, he again went away with his tail between his legs, and the Democrats have taken a much more moderate tone heading into 2018.

That bodes well for the Democrats by the way.

Someone wised up in that party in the past few months and realized what took the GOP a LONG time to learn with the Tea Party. If you cater to one wing of the party, you lose the rest of the party, and you also lose the elections you want to win. However, the fact that the Dems chose Tom Perez, a more moderate (who by the way was back by Bobo Obama…so he isn’t THAT moderate), doesn’t mean that the Dems leave Georgia all lovey-dovey. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. The Bernie Sanders faction of the party is still pissed as hell that their guy got screwed in the primaries, and would have probably done a much better job against Donald Trump than Hillary did. My hunch, and this is just an aside, is that Sanders would have won Wisconsin, and Michigan, and probably Pennsylvania.

But the fighting isn’t over. Now Tom Perez, who served in the past as Labor Secretary, has a problem that he has to solve. How to keep the millions of young millennials that Sanders courted active in the Democrat party, without alienating the more moderate wing that actually elects the people? The moderates are the ones with the money, the ones with the experience, and the ones with the current seats. The uber-left are the ones that are in the wings waiting to take over. And they are the ones you need if you are going to win anything (as we saw in the presidential election).

How Perez attacks this problem, and what I call “The Obama Problem” of decimating the party over the past eight years to push an agenda that no one in America (not even the Sanders’ clan) wants is going to be the biggest hurdle he faces. The Democrats have lost over 1,000 seats in local, state, and national elections in the past presidential administration. That isn’t going to be reversed in 2018, or even 2020. That is going to take years to rebuild. But make no mistake, it will be rebuilt, just as the Republicans rebuilt their party after the Tea Party tried to take over. These things take time.

The one thing that is fun to watch…the Democrats have about as much patience for this stuff as a two year old.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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