Is The Left Losing Voters?

Apparently so. There was a survey done and released this past week by McLaughlin & Associates which said that most Americans…now a majority at 51% say that they want Donald Trump to move away from Bobo Obama’s policies. And more and more Americans are starting to state that America is on the right track…or at least not on the wrong track. In January 62% said we were heading down the wrong path. Today that number is 48%.

The interesting thing that I found in the poll was the number of people that are against all of the uber-left-wing, George Soros-funded protesting going on. A whopping 70% of the American people are disgusted with the protests, including 51% of registered Democrats. What about all of those that are rallying to the aid of foreign-born criminals that could face deportation under Donald Trump? Well, that number is almost as large. 62% are against that including 64% of independent voters, 55% of Hispanics, and 44% of Snowflakes.

And just as an aside…50% of Americans ( a plurality in this poll) want Neil Gorsuch to be confirmed by the Senate. 41% disagree and 9% said “Neil who?”.

Basically, what is happening here is the left is trying to show a delegitimizing of the president, and it’s not working with the American people. It shouldn’t be surprising really. Oh, protests get our attention for about 10 minutes, and then they peter out. They always peter out as we move on to the next thing. Look at Occupy Wall Street. That lasted well beyond anybody’s attention span to pay heed to whatever message those folks were trying to get across (what WAS it anyway???). And these protests are having the same effect.

Most of America apparently wants to give Donald Trump a chance. It’s only the far-left-wing radicals held over from the ‘60’s that seem to want to fight him at every turn. And it’s not going to work. I saw a news program the other day on one of the “fake news” networks that said that Trump was toast in the 2018 midterms, and that he had no chance of getting re-elected in 2020. Actually, that’s not true at all. Another recent poll shows that of the 25 seats Democrats or independents that caucus with Democrats are trying to defend, if the election were held today, they’d lose 13 of those seats, but the Republicans would win all eight of the seats they are defending next year. That is enough to give the GOP 65 seats, a filibuster proof majority.

All of that is with the media doing its best to try and discredit Donald Trump at every turn. Well, my point there is the same thing it’s always been. It didn’t work during the election, and it’s still not working today. The media end up showing their true political colors eventually, and it always seems to take the wrong bent. We had the same problem back in Ohio. The newspaper was more liberal than the community and would go off on these tangents and the people wouldn’t follow their endorsements over 50% of the time. Maybe America DOES have a mind of its own after all?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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