Trump Set To Erase Obama Record On Climate Global Change Warning

Geesh. I really wish those Eco-Terrorists would come up with a solid name for what their latest world-wide scam is! Global Climate Warming Change, or whatever is just too long! Anyway, Donald Trump appears to be following in his predecessor’s footsteps in one regard. He’s hell bent on getting more done without congress than with it.

The latest demonstration of that came when the Trump administration announced that basically Bobo Obama’s eco-legacy was dead. Trump is going to “strip” away the coal mining moratorium (pun intended), and is also going to remove the requirement that federal officials need to consider global warming changing climate factors when making decisions.

One of the ways Trump will do this is to slash some federal budgets. EPA, NOAA, NASA, and other agencies that have been leaders in the Eco-Terrorist movement are going to find themselves lacking in funding coming up starting next year. And while NASA may not feel the sting quite as much, they will find that their focus isn’t going to be the space around Earth, but space in general…as it was always intended to be when more sane people were in the White House.

All of these administrative moves shows a larger issue, which really came into focus during Obama’s term, and is coming to the forefront during Trump’s reign as well. Obama became a master of the Executive Order, and it seems that Donald Trump has learned Woodrow Wilson’s theory of government, and is using it in ways that Wilson would be spinning in his grave right now. Administrators, not congress is what is important in government today. So, have the administrators of the various agencies do your dirty work. We have seen what happens when something tries to get through congress…it gets bogged down in a lot of political weeds.

What should happen with Obamacare now is very simple. Trump just doesn’t spend the money on it. He should tell Dr. Tom Price, head of Health and Human Services, not to spend a dime on Obamacare, and to let the insurance companies know that they aren’t going to receive dollar one from the federal government for anything. That means that ALL insurance companies pull out, and the plan dies of its own volition.

And the same thing can happen with all of this climate change nonsense. By simply not spending the money congress authorizes him to spend, Trump can go around congress without any problems. There is no law that says every dollar MUST be spent in exactly the way congress proscribed. If there were, our 44th president would have been impeached! So, Trump is free to administer as he sees fit, and following the good progressives out there that think there should only be a president and a cabinet of administrators, Trump ought to rule accordingly, leaving congress out of it entirely…until that body comes to its senses (if it ever does!).

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


Can Trump Get ANYTHING Passed This Year?

The big question on my mind after the horrendous snafu with the healthcare bill is, can Donald Trump and Paul Ryan get anything passed through congress this year?

Let’s examine this, because everything seemed to hinge on healthcare getting passed. First and foremost, Trump needed to do healthcare first because of two reasons; one political and one logical. The political reason was that was what he was elected to do. The logical reason was, it was going to save the government billions of dollars that could be used to cut tax rates later on when the congress tackled tax reform. And of course, up the road is the immigration policy debate which should be a doozy. More on that one later.

Since Trump and Ryan weren’t able to get the Conservative Caucus on board as far as healthcare goes, that threw the whole tax debate up in the air. Without the savings from healthcare that we were throwing out the window anyway, there is no way to restructure the tax code unless you are willing to balloon the federal debt. I don’t think anyone that calls themselves “conservative” is willing to go down that road willingly…especially to create a bill that is going to add to the debt. That’s something Democrats love to do…after all, they spend money like a Hollywood billionaire’s wife.

So, now that the healthcare issue is dead, what CAN the congress do with taxes? Oh, they can simplify the tax code. They can certainly close loopholes. They can always lower the tax rates. But let’s not forget the very simple thing. 48.5% of Americans do not pay any income tax. That’s another “Thanks, Obama!” that we seem to forget about. By getting more and more people out of the tax system, Snowflakes have managed to get about half the country to the point where they don’t pay any income tax at all. In fact, a good portion of those folks actually get a tax refund, even though they haven’t paid anything into the system! Why? Because of tax credits, like the Child Care Credit, people with lower incomes are actually reimbursed for having kids.

The important thing to realize anytime you tackle tax reform is somebody somewhere is going to have their ox gored. Take away the mortgage deduction on private residences, and the real estate industry goes batty. Take away farm subsidies to save a few billion and the agriculture community boycotts. Take away child care credits, and other lower income freebies, and you have every poor person making under 150% of the poverty line marching on Washington saying you’re taking food out of their kids’ mouths. Even if you take money away from the top 1%, trust me, they WILL find a way to get to a “work-around”. They will avoid paying it because they can pay better lawyers than the government can afford. Either that, or they have enough money, they’ll just stop working and fire all of the people that were working for them.

In the end, you have to understand how important getting healthcare passed was to the Trump agenda. It’s a pity that the Republicans were so short sighted that they didn’t just repeal the damn bill in the first place by defunding it. Instead, we’re left with a gaping hole in the playbook that isn’t going to be filled anytime soon. And you have Paul Ryan, and Donald Trump to thank for that!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

So What Now?

To hear the TV pundits (who really don’t know any more than you or I do…they just spend more on their suits) tell it, the Trump presidency is totally in chaos, the fate of the country is in doubt, and there may never be a recovery to get out of the Obamacare mess that we are in. Of course, these are the same people that said Hillary Clinton would win in a landslide. You have to take these things with a grain of salt. But it does bear the question:

What now?

So, Obamacare wasn’t “repealed and replaced”, the campaign promise wasn’t fulfilled, and hundreds of millions of Americans are going to pay $2,500 a year more than they should for healthcare so that two million poor folks that couldn’t get healthcare, and in most cases, didn’t need or want healthcare, are going to have to sign up for it. What now?

The absolute worst thing the Republicans in the House could do is to call it quits on healthcare and stop the repeal process. See, somewhere along the way, the “repeal Obamacare” became “repeal and replace Obamacare”. That was the problem. Had the government repealed Obamacare, all would be right in the world this morning. Instead, they had to “replace” it. You don’t have to replace it with anything. When prohibition was repealed in December of 1933, was it replaced with anything? Nope. It died. And that’s what should have happened to Obamacare. Actually it IS what will happen to Obamacare later this year. Insurance companies are bailing on this thing faster than a leaky life boat on the Titanic.

The fact is Obamacare can’t sustain itself in its current form. It’s doomed to fail, but that was the plan all along. The only thing was, that the Democrats figured that there would be this overwhelming approval of it because who can resist entitlements? Certainly not the American people! The problem is the cost, and the amount of problems it created along the way. And when it failed, knowing the American people never saw an entitlement they didn’t want to keep, they’d press the government to do something about it. That something was going to be single-payer healthcare…better known to you and me as socialized medicine. But a problem occurred. Americans didn’t fall in love with Obamacare, and it has never caught on with most of America. So, the time has come to shoot the damn thing and put it out of its misery.

Yes, I know what that means Snowflakes! It means about 2 million Americans are going to once again be uninsured. And there are ways to fix that without involving the entire country. For the rest of us, let us go back to the system we had. It was working better than anything government could come up with. And it wasn’t broke for 99.5% of America. You know the old saying…if it ain’t broke…?

Get rid of Obamacare, and forget about the “replacing” part of it. That way America gets what it NEEDS, not what liberals want to feed us.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

What Do These Places Have In Common?

The Census Bureau just released a list of the cities that have the largest decreases and increases from July 1, 2015 through July 1, 2016. And there is something rather astonishing on that list. Let’s see if you can tell what that is. Now, these are listed by county, but you’ll still get the idea!

1. Cook County, Illinois (Chicago): Loss of 21,324
2. Wayne County, Michigan (Detroit): Loss of 7,696
3. Baltimore, Maryland: Loss of 6,738
4. Cuyahoga County, Ohio (Cleveland): Loss of 5,673
5. Suffolk County, New York (Long Island): Loss of 5,320
6. Milwaukee County, Wisconsin (Milwaukee): Loss of 4,866
7. Allegheny County, Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh): Loss of 3,933
8. San Juan County, New Mexico (Northwest Corner of the state): Loss of 3,622
9. St. Louis County, Missouri (St. Louis): Loss of 3,471
10. Jefferson County, NY (Watertown): Loss of 3,254

Now…quick quiz. What do nine of those ten areas have in common? Answer: They are run by Democrats. The only exception to the rule is Jefferson County, NY which is a very Republican area.

My point here is simple. The places in this country that are run by Democrats are the places that are losing people. Why? Take a look at the list. Chicago is the country’s murder capital, and it’s government can’t do a damn thing about it with some of the toughest gun laws in the country. Detroit, also a long-time Democrat strong hold has been corrupt for so long they had to file bankruptcy.

What’s the fastest growing county in the country? Maricopa County, Arizona…Phoenix. It added 81,360 during the same time period. By the way, that’s more than the 65,897 people that the top ten losers actually lost! And what is the political makeup of Maricopa County, Arizona? Well, there is one County Supervisor that is a Democrat, the County Recorder, who just got elected after a scandal pretty much shut down the Republican is a Democrat, and the Sheriff, who replace “America’s Sheriff” Joe Arpaio (who as in his 80’s and needed to retire) is also a Democrat. Other than that, the entire county is run by Republicans. Baltimore, Cleveland, Long Island, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, and St. Louis have all had nothing but bad news lately (ok…except for the Cleveland Cavs winning the NBA title last year…see how much that helped?).

And what about Maricopa County? It’s pretty much been run by Republicans for decades. And it’s thriving. Jobs are easy to come by, the economy is booming, even in light of a state-passed minimum wage increase of $1.95 an hour that has caused a lot of increased prices.

The whole point here is easy to see. States that are run by Democrats are always in trouble. States run by Republicans typically do MUCH better. The same is true at the city and county level. You can’t spend money you don’t have for very long and expect it to be alright. Redistribution of wealth and deficit spending are never ways to accomplish success, and liberalism has NEVER worked anywhere it’s been tried. It fails for one very simple reason…people have the ability to leave and to move somewhere where they can keep their hard earned money. And in this case, we don’t have to deal with 10 inches of snow in March in Phoenix!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Dems Floundering, Leaderless

You would expect that if your political party got swamped in the recent presidential election, and you were supposed to re-take the United States Senate but didn’t, that you’d probably be rudderless for a while. That seems to be exactly what’s happen to the Democrats right now. They’re floundering and that’s being kind.

The Hill recently did a poll of Democrats and asked them who was the leader of their party. The winner was “No One”, with 40% of the vote. Bobo Obama got 15% and was in second place. Bernie Sanders, who’s not even a Democrat was third with 12%. Elizabeth Warren picked up 11% and 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton got 10%. What was amazing was the minority leaders in both the House and the Senate failed to get a single vote in the survey.

And it goes deeper. When asked who they want to be their party’s standard bearer in the 2020 election, once again, it was “None of the above” winning out with 45% of the vote. The rank and file want someone new, someone unheard of, someone fresh. Coming in second with 14% of the vote was again, Bernie Sanders…who’s not even a member of their party. Michelle Obama was third with 11%, Warren had 9% and Clinton 8%. Then came a smattering of liberal celebrities (possibly playing off Trump’s election?) including Oprah Winfrey, Mark Cuban, and a few lesser known folks, like my mailman.

This survey is very telling in the fact that the Democrats are totally lost in the wilderness at this point. Oh, don’t get me wrong, they will find a leader, and they will find someone to rally around. It just won’t be someone you’re currently thinking would be one that would want to run for president in 2020. And in a way, I feel for them. At the moment, the Dems are rudderless, powerless, leaderless, and adrift. They don’t know if they want to tack to the left or to the right, or stay in the middle. And they have no one on the scene that is able to rally the troops and get them excited. That’s the major problem. There is no one out there that is looking good to anyone. It’s obvious by the lack of attention they’re getting that Chuck Schumer, minority leader in the Senate, and Nancy Pelosi, minority leader in the House are part of the antiquated group Democrats would like to see retired. And besides Sanders, who will be 78 come 2020, and Elizabeth Warren, who is popular with the uber-left, but not so much with mainstream Dems, the only name that really comes to mind would be Cory Booker, the senator from New Jersey. But he came in with only 3% in the recent poll, and while he’s young and energetic, is he moving the party at all? Most doubt that.

There WILL be someone to step up in 2020, on that we can be sure. We just don’t know who it is yet. Hell, it might be my mailman after all!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Cuban Needs To Stick To TV, Sports

Let me say up front that as an NBA owner, and a reality TV celebrity, I like Mark Cuban. I think he’s a guy you’d want to sit down and have a beer with (if I drank beer). But I don’t really want to hear his political views. I don’t really care what he thinks about issues concerning our country. He’s a businessman, and a damn good one, and I give him credit for that, but he’s not a politician. He’s not someone that is a constitutional scholar, and he’s not someone I would personally turn to for advice on how the country should be run.

That being said, he should probably stick to being an NBA owner, a reality TV celebrity, and a businessman.

Cuban has come out and demanded that “health care be a right of every American”. Well, that’s a nice liberal thought, but unfortunately, he’s off base. Let me give you his quote: “I think health care should be a right. If there’s a legitimate way to modify the Constitution, I literally think there should be an amendment to the Constitution for healthcare for chronic illnesses and serious injury. We all play the genetic lottery”.

First of all, health care is NOT a right. It’s a privilege. It’s like a driver’s license. There is nothing anywhere in the world that guarantees that you should be able to see a doctor anytime you want for any illness that you want. If that were the case, these doctors would all be government employees and would all be paid far less than they are now. That would also mean that far fewer people would become doctors, and there wouldn’t be anywhere near the desire to do the research that we have going on. Yes, there is a love of people that drives doctors and researchers and nurses to perform their duties, but let’s not forget that money is also a motivating factor in a lot of cases…and Cuban is just plain wrong.

You cannot put Freedom of Health care on the same plane as Freedom of Speech, and Freedom of Religion. And the reason is very simple, and this is going to rile atheist liberals everywhere…freedoms are NOT man made. Freedoms come from God. Man cannot add or take away freedoms. Man can oppress those freedoms for a while, like that moon-face in North Korea is doing, but man cannot undo what has been granted by God. And man cannot come up with new freedoms that should be included either. Oh, we can try. But if you look at it, they usually don’t work out as well. Why? Because they come from man, and that is not the source of our freedom. Mark Cuban doesn’t understand the constitution, and it shows by his ridiculous statement.

By the way, I’m not advocating not doing something for healthcare. I’m advocating getting government OUT of my healthcare and letting it be between me and my doctors. Now, I’m not naïve enough to think that there won’t be some sort of governmental interference…I get that. Every state has insurance commissioners and the like, and writes their own rules. But I don’t need a TV host telling me what should be a “right” when he has no idea what a “right” is. This is the same logic that brought us the “airline passengers’ Bill of Rights”…or the “Restaurant Bill of Rights”, or whatever the hell else you want.

Stick to Shark Tank, Mark. At least you make some sense there!

And yeah…I know…there’s a guy in the White House that if you just changed the name, the same could apply. And it does!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

Pelosi Was…RIGHT?

Nancy Pelosi, the Wicked Witch of the West, has been right once, maybe twice in her life. That’s it. But she hit the nail on the head the other day when she called Donald Trump’s attempt to pass a terrible healthcare alternative to Obamacare a “Rookie mistake”. She had it spot on.

The Donald screwed up big time in a few avenues and he’s to blame along with Paul Ryan for trying to get a bill that was less than it should have been through congress. Let me be very clear…the Obamacare law that we currently are forced to live under belongs in Soviet-era Russia. It is not a bill a free country chooses to live by because it’s socialism from the get go. But having said that, the bill known as the AHCA (American’s Health Care Act) that Ryan and Trump tried to foist on the public is even worse. That’s because it does nothing to “repeal” Obamacare. It only wings it a little bit. It needs to shoot it through the heart.

Let’s make sure we understand each other. The Federal Government has no business in yours or my healthcare. Period. They do not need to get involved in the decisions I make, or my doctor makes. There is no room for that to happen. Unfortunately, the Republicans have bit on the Snowflakes’ bait that since you gave free healthcare to a few million poor folks, you need to always give free healthcare to a few million poor folks. Nothing could or should be further from the truth.

The bill the House should have put together was to defund Obamacare entirely. That means take anything that required one dollar of taxpayer money, and take it out of the bill. That part would have been easy. Where the GOP screwed up is, they tried to “replace” it with something. Look, the Dems, as bad of a bill as Obamacare is, took a year to write it. The GOP did it in less than two months. And they did a crappy job with it. It made healthcare in this country worse, not better…and I didn’t think you could get worse than Obamacare!

Ask yourself this question…do you really want the same group of fools who put together and run the Veterans’ Administration, and all of the snafu’s and crap they have dealt with over the past 25 years to be running YOUR healthcare? The answer by the way should be no! And if Donald Trump isn’t smart enough to realize that, maybe he needs to go on Obamacare and try and find quality healthcare.

Paul Ryan and Donald Trump screwed up big time on this one. They tried to rush a bill through congress that was full of holes, full of fees, full of bad ideas in the name of replacing a bad law. You don’t replace a bad law, you get rid of it. That’s where the GOP screwed up. Now they are eating crow as the Snowflakes celebrate (and they should). It also screwed up tax reform later on this year…thanks Trump!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!