Snowflakes Getting Desperate!

According to the 25th amendment to the constitution, you can replace a president of the United States if they are judged to be physically, or mentally incapable of doing their job. It was passed after John F. Kennedy’s assassination, and with maybe one exception, when Reagan was shot, it has never been put into use for more than an hour or so. Usually, that’s when a president is undergoing some medical procedure whereby they are going to be knocked out.

Well, leave it to the Snowflakes in congress to call for the 25th amendment to be invoked against Donald Trump. Yup, the people in congress, most likely to fail a psychiatric exam because of their insane views of the world, are asking that the most powerful leader of the free world undergo psychiatric review. Why? Because he defeated Hillary Clinton. Let’s face it, there is no other reason than that. They’re pissed about it and they won’t rest until it’s rectified.

Sorry, Snowflakes…there is no real reason to invoke the 25th amendment. And though some Snowflakes may have a right to call for it (Congress CAN call for the 25th amendment to be invoked), it requires a majority of congress (both houses) to approve it, and the president can revoke it just by writing the Speaker of the House, and the Majority Leader of the Senate and say he’s able to resume his duties. There is no provision in there specifically talking about mentally being prepared to do the job. And there is nothing about a psychiatric evaluation listed in the 25th amendment either.

It’s just the Snowflakes’ latest ploy to try and delegitimize the legitimate president. Oh, I know the Al Franken’s and Nancy Pelosi’s of the world would love nothing better, but let’s be real. If Chuck Schumer, Al Franken, or Pelosi herself don’t have to undergo psychiatric evaluations, neither should Trump. Those three are so far out on a limb it’s ridiculous! And the mere fact that all Trump would have to do is to write a letter saying “he’s all better”, and he re-assumes his job. There really isn’t any teeth in it.

I would suggest that rather than try and waste effort trying to delegitimize a president you don’t like, figure out why you lost the presidency in the first place to this guy. Try and spend some effort to decide what you’re going to do next year when you’ve got 25 seats open in the Senate that you have to defend, and that you could very easily lose enough to make sure that you don’t even have the ability to filibuster in the upper house. I would hope the Democrat Snowflakes out there would be attuned what is really going on in America…that the fake news organizations are losing subscribers and viewers; that protests that a month ago were getting millions are now getting hundreds; that even some smarter Democrats are saying that the protests are more like the Occupy Wall Street movement, which ended up proving nothing other than snowflakes love to camp in city parks.

No, Snowflakes are in trouble. People are turning against them…and while there is always going to be a faction of liberalism that is alive mainly because there are always going to be people that want something for nothing, in the end, it’s just a sad statement that these idiots have to resort to comments and tactics like this. They don’t feel they have anything better to do? Then why were they elected in the first place?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  1. He had the mental stability to defeat a political veteran in Hillary, actually you can include all the Republicans he defeated in the debates and primaries. Hillary had all the money, should have been able to waltz in, but …….maybe it was her mentality that help defeat her. So who is out-of-wack?

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