“Did We Take Too Many?”

Here in the United States, Donald Trump is facing all sorts of backlash from the snowflakes because of his decision to try and figure out who it is that wants to come and emigrate to our country before they actually get here. I know it’s a radical idea than throwing the borders open and just letting anyone walk in, and then IF they get caught for murdering citizens somewhere up the road and aren’t killed in a police shootout, they could get deported. But that’s the path the president has chosen to take.

It’s also a path European countries are asking themselves today if they should have taken.

The only difference is for Europe, it’s a little too late. Sweden, long known for having the most open-door policy in the world, is now starting to wonder whether or not they have actually taken in too many refugees from the Middle East. Germany has set up a fund to pay the refugees that came there over the past year money to leave. Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands are all wondering whether or not they made smart decisions to help their Middle Eastern neighbors flee the violence and destruction going on in Syria.

And the left in this country is protesting the fact that we want to check whose coming in before they get here?

Seems to me that once again, the snowflakes are the ones out of step. Now, don’t get me wrong. If someone wants to come to this country seeking a better opportunity for themselves and their family, I don’t care where they come from, I’m all for it. But they need to pass some background checks first. This isn’t 19th century Ellis Island anymore. This is 21st America in the midst of a religious war with extremist Islamic terrorists. And regardless which side of the political fence you happen to sit on, you can’t tell me that you’d prefer to allow terrorists into this country over checking to see if they indeed ARE terrorists before they get here. If that last sentence does not apply to you, maybe you might want to consider that you are part of the problem, not part of the solution!

So if all (or at the very least MOST) of Europe is starting to question whether or not their decision was right or not, regardless if their motives were true and humane, doesn’t it make sense for this country to at the very least look into vetting potential newcomers? Or are we to “trust” that they are who they say they are…because…you know…terrorists never lie, right?

The one thing that I find to be very amazing in all of this is how out of step the left in this country seems to be, and how blind and deaf they seem to be to the rest of the world. This example is on immigration, but you could expand it to other issues as well. Healthcare, taxes, even Global Climate Warming Change. They hear what they want to believe, and don’t hear the facts. And they think they are the smart ones??? Right!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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