Can Dems EVER Get Consistency?

If you’ve ever spent any time reading anything on this site you know I’m a big consistency guy. If you feel one way on one topic, you should feel that way period…not just because a friend of yours got pulled over for speeding (or some other ridiculous example). Case in point…the whole snowflake argument that Attorney General Jeff Sessions should resign over this Russia flap.

Let’s really analyze this through a consistent gaze, shall we? Let’s think back less than a year ago when Loretta Lynch was Attorney General. Remember how she was in Phoenix, and so was Hillary Clinton’s husband, Bill? And remember how Bill knocked on her plane door to come in and “talk about grandchildren and baseball?” A normal person would think that in and of itself would cause a recusal at the very least of the AG in a case so blatantly public as Hillary Clinton’s email server scandal.

Did Lynch recuse herself for that? Nope. Oh, she said she would try to have others look at it, but she never really did recuse herself. Did she resign over a blatant attempt by a former US president to sway a Justice Department decision? Nope. And now let’s take a look at what Jeff Sessions did. He met with the Ambassador from Russia during a campaign. He was on the Armed Services Committee and regularly met with foreign dignitaries. So, by the way did Claire McCaskill, the Democrat Senator from Missouri, who swore she NEVER met with a dignitary from a foreign government, when in fact she not only did, she met with the same guy Sessions did…not once but twice!

I guess my point here is, show me the money. Show me the proof that Jeff Sessions actually did something wrong, and be specific and prosecute the case, and I’ll listen to the over-blown snowflake rhetoric. Until that time, the left has made allegations, but hasn’t come up with anything. Hell, the right came up with proof with Eric Holder and the SOB stayed in office!

Jeff Sessions could have handled this a whole lot better than he did, but let’s be honest. Knowing what we know today, and unless Chuck Schumer knows something he’s not saying, Jeff Sessions hasn’t been accused of breaking any law, and no one has come forth with a shred of evidence to prove otherwise. And again, being a consistency guy, if you’re going to want to give Hillary Clinton a pass with all the evidence that was found against her, you damn well better either give Sessions a pass, or come up with the proof. If not, you’re just the blowhard snowflake I’m thinking Chuck Schumer is. He may not be the lying blowhard snowflake that Harry Reid was, but he’s still a blowhard snowflake that is doing nothing but stirring the pot.

In my view, and according to a recent poll, 70% of the American public say, “ENOUGH!” when it comes to the crap the Dems are throwing out there. We are tired of your meaningless rhetoric and your protests that lead to no change, no difference, and no real news coverage. You can sit on your hands and scream bloody murder when you feel you’ve been wronged, but the Democrats’ problem is they ALWAYS feel they’ve been wronged. And it’s always the GOP’s fault. And unless you’ve got proof, that is one stinking pile of dog doo doo.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


4 thoughts on “Can Dems EVER Get Consistency?

  1. Keith Ellison is the type of guywho goes off half cocked I remember him Crying over the death of a Muslim ambulance driver that was not acknowledged in a ceramony who died on 911. He created a big stink over it only to find out a very nice ceremony was held in the mans honor. He is not a fact checker and he is really somewhat waste of space in our government I was glad he did not become the dem chair but the dems are going to be a long time trying to right the ship as they are showing no sign that they understand why they lost.

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