Demonstrating Absurdity

I think I know what Donald Trump is doing with his claim that Bobo Obama, the world’s second most famous clown, and world’s worst president, bugged Trump Tower during the campaign. It’s an old Rush Limbaugh trick that he’s used for years.

He’s demonstrating absurdity by being absurd.

Think about the way things have unfolded. James Clapper, who was Obama’s Director of National Intelligence has said that he has absolutely no knowledge of any connection what-so-ever between the Trump campaign and the Russians in this past year’s presidential election. That’s a fact that no Democrat, no snowflake, no idiot liberal can argue. But the snowflakes, the Democrats, the idiot liberals refuse to let it go, even though their own guy says there’s nothing there. So, to get these morons off his back, Trump decides to do something equally as moronic. He comes out with a theory that his political and personal headquarters, Trump Tower was bugged by Obama. If you think about it, it’s a pretty absurd accusation.

He’s demonstrating the absurdity of the snowflakes’ claim by himself making an absurd claim.

Of course Obama didn’t wiretap Trump Tower. There’s no proof to that, just like there’s no proof to the connection between Trump and the Russians. They don’t exist. So why do it? Because it shows the left how stupid they are for making such a ridiculous claim in the first place. The left is all beside itself because they can’t believe that a shoe-in like Hillary Clinton couldn’t beat a political neophyte like Donald Trump. The thing that they don’t want to believe is the fact that Clinton was the worst presidential candidate in US history. She was flawed, she was tainted, she was not politically savvy, she was terribly misled by her campaign staff, and she bungled pretty much every attempt she made at winning the White House. She was just a bad candidate. In fact, I’d hazard a guess that either John McCain or even Bob Dole would have beaten her had they decided to run.

So, facing the reality that their party is in a shambles, what do the Democrats do? They do what they do best…they blame somebody else. And who better to blame than the Russians? Let’s face it, for decades, they’ve been our arch nemeses. So, why not foist it on them, after all, who’s going to believe their denial? The facts don’t bear it out, and that’s ok. The Dems need to blame somebody, and they can’t accept the blame themselves because they don’t believe in anything to do with personal responsibility. If they did, Hillary would have come out and said, “I screwed up. I should have campaigned in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania rather than trying to win a state like Arizona. But I screwed up and I lost us the election. I’m sorry”. Don’t hold your breath. It’ll never happen.

And so, the Russian story comes up. Hell, it was already there. They just built on it. So, to stem the flood of accusations without any proof, Donald Trump decides to play the same game. Of course Obama didn’t wiretap Trump Tower. It’s all Trump doing what he does best…making you think one thing so you’ll forget about thinking about something else. And that is called 21st Century Politics. I think in Vegas they also call it “Penn & Teller”.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!