Let’s Be REAL Clear On Russia

I’ve always prided myself on whenever I make a mistake I admit it. I apologize for it, I try my best to rectify it if I can, and then I move on with life. It’s the responsible thing to do, and it’s the right thing to do. So when I see people doing things that fly in the face of it, it tells me that they have no character, and that they have no personal responsibility. If they are willing to try and dodge and feint on something stupid, they’ll dodge and feint on something important.

That’s what I find very annoying with what’s going on in the Democrats’ camp these days. I get it they don’t like Trump. I get it they got their asses handed to them this past November by a guy that shouldn’t have won and they denied their goddess a chance to be the first female president. Grow up, will you? Take some personal responsibility, and move on. This stuff over Russia is really getting to be stupid.

The snowflakes like Chuck “The Forehead” Schumer and Nancy “What Planet Am I From” Pelosi are giving Democrats a very bad name, and America IS taking notice. For crying out loud, when you accuse Jeff Sessions of meeting with the Russian Ambassador, as if that’s an illegal act (it’s not), and an immoral act (again, not), and then someone produces ON THE SAME DAY, a picture of YOU meeting with the same guy, how is that not illegal and immoral as well? The fact is, pretty much every member in Congress has met with Sergey Kislyak, so what in hell is the big deal?

The mere fact both Schumer and Pelosi have condemned Sessions for meeting with him, and have called for his resignation is absurd. And while we are at it, let’s talk a little consistency here, shall we? Do we really have to revisit all of the illegal activity that the racist, Eric Holder performed with such aplomb when he was Attorney General? Should we really re-open Loretta Lynch’s refusal to recuse herself over her meeting with Bill Clinton in an obvious attempt to clear his wife (and a presidential candidate’s) name in light of her myriad of email server scandals?

That office has been plagued with inconsistency, political bias, and ineptitude over the past eight years, and America knows it. 70% of all Americans (including 51% of Democrats by the way) now say the left is going WAY too far in trying to delegitimize Donald Trump. It’s blatantly obvious that they are trying to energize their base for next cycle when they have 25 Senate seats to defend. But the country is getting tired of their incessant whining. My God, they sound worse than a classroom of two-year-olds! When are these people going to grow up?

When all is said and done, Jeff Sessions recusing himself on any investigation into Russia’s involvement in the election is going to be a non-sequitur. The left have issued no proof that there was involvement. They haven’t said a damn thing other than throw out meaningless accusations about how Trump was in bed with the Russians. Show us the proof! There is none. And it will once again, be a snowflake overplay that pisses off America. And they deserve every lost seat they’ll give up in November 2018!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


7 thoughts on “Let’s Be REAL Clear On Russia

  1. Well Desert, due to a couple of my oldest friends coming for a visit, who are also Socialist Communists from the 60’s and early 70’s and getting my place in order so we may carry out the liberal agenda revolution here in reactionary clueless Arizona, I have not had time to comment on the butt gravy that passes for serious comment.

    In the instant matter, the crux of the problem is that the current Attorney General, Jeff “White Sheets” Sessions lied about contacts with the Russkies, specifically the Russian Ambassador to Congress under oath. For all you out there that did not watch the four seasons of the Paper Chase or, like myself who has practiced law without a license in five States, that is called perjury, a felony. Now it turns out that there was third time he had contact with the Russkies has surfaced like the scum in a toilet. What has me smiling is that this Alabama Pixie lectured the Clintons on perjury while a sitting Senator. Ain’t karma a bitch.

    Aside from this carnival sideshow is that while you were writing about Keith Ellison not being made head of the DNC, Darrell Issa, the Congressman from Orange County, CA has got religion after barely being re-elected and has called for a Special Prosecutor on this Russian business. When Darrell Issa breaks ranks with the obtuse Republicans you have a Walter Cronkite/Tet Offensive moment. For your unwashed masses that do not understand that reference, look it up.

    The intelligence community have all agreed that the Russkies interfered with our election. There is a Russian fertilizer oligarch that has repeatedly shown up to Trump rallies prior to the election and most recently in South Carolina when Trump was at the Boeing plant. I do not believe he was there for a photo op or to purchase a Chinese made Make America Great Again hat. There is also that hotel in Baku, Azerbijan the Trump Organization was building and abandoned shortly after the election. Seems there is a potential for several violations of the Foreign Corrupt Business Act here with mandatory jail time. Don’t believe me, read this week’s New Yorker magazine. I read a lot. Ivanka, they are ready for your mug shot.

    The past forty five days or so the Trump Administration has been a cross between a Greek tragedy and The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight (a great book by the way). There are over 1,800 top positions in the government that have not been filled. Essentially we have no government. Take the Department of State for instance, which we all agree is important. Rex Tillerson has no second in command and he is third in line for the presidency. Who is running foreign policy, Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law. We might as well have a cardboard cut out of Tillerson for all the good he is doing.

    So when are you going to do some real fact based blogging instead of shiny objects posts? That healthcare law thing going on is a joke. Told you in November after the election that the Republicans would have problems herding the cats for legislation. Just call me Cassandra.

    • OK…so it’s ok for Bill and Hillary to lie, but not ok for Sessions? And it really wasn’t a lie…what about Schumer and Pelosi saying they’ve NEVER met with the guy and within 10 minutes there were pictures of them meeting him? THAT isn’t a lie, right??? Be consistent Snarky!
      You want to talk about Russia interfering with the election? Fine. Show me the proof. Until then, your answers to this blog were, as you say, butt gravy. Let me know when you get some real truth, ok?

      And by the way…we DO agree on one thing. The healthcare law that I’ve seen so far IS a joke. Keep government out of my healthcare. They don’t need to be there at all.

      • Government is in insurance, every State has a Department of Insurance for policy and rate filings. Now if you are taking about the Feds, the VA, which is single payer, and Medicare are great. I have no complaint about my Medicare other than in the ACA law there was a closing of the donut hole, which I am extremely interest in. Called Trent Franks office and talked to some mook who said the Congressman’s primary interest was outlawing abortion, but would pass my concern on to Franks, as if.

        As for the VA, while I admit there are problems, they stem from two things, one the mission changed from only handling service related injuries to complete healthcare and it is not fully funded to carry out this mission. Grandpa McCrackey and Snowflake are not the solution, they are the problem as I have stated many times here. McCrackey could make this happen but he rather do photo ops with vets and say how terrible it is and he will investigate. Hell, I’ll tell him for nothing, fully fund you tax fatten hyena.

        One of the best things in the ACA, and there are many, it set minimum coverage for policies so insurance companies would not sell you what is known as a “cat policy” with high deductibles and crappy coverage. That’s why in December 2013 the insurance companies sent out cancellation notices on these crappy policies and then sold the new policies at a much higher premium than you could receive from the exchanges or the government website. Of course these rapacious slugs never explained this to there customers, just tried to fleece them and you wonder why they are closely regulated. It paid to have a wife in the industry.

        As for proof on the Russkies interfering with the election, our intelligence agencies have said this with proof. Are you going down the rabbit hole of not believing our people like the Orange Hemorrhoid on the Butt of America? Stop it now.

  2. Well Snarky, you obviously haven’t checked the ACA policy for Arizona lately, have you? The ONLY policy that is available on “the exchange” is what you call a “cat policy”, crappy insurance and a very high deductable! Another reason to say, “THANKS, OBAMA!”

    Oh, and on the Russians interfering with the elections, I was talking about the two main snowflake idiots (Schumer and Pelosi) who are accusing the Trump campaign of being involved with the Russians during the campaign. If they have the proof, show the proof. If they don’t have the proof, shut the hell up and do your job! And I’d say the same thing to Trump on bugging Trump Tower. Even James Clapper (remember him?) has said that there was no evidence of anyone in the Trump campaign having any untoward relations with the Russians. Done and done!

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