It just occurred to me as I was looking back that I have just written my 2,000th blog post here. Now, granted, it’s taken about 3 ½ years to get it done, but in that time the world has certainly changed. So, on this Saturday, we share some statistics, some thoughts, and a look back if you would indulge the Desert Man for a bit!

I started this blog to complain when Obamacare became a reality. Not necessarily when it was passed, because the “ramp-up” time was huge, but when it became a hindrance to Americans everywhere. Oh, I was going to rail to the world the injustices of this terrible law. Some have called it the most intrusive, the most barbaric, the most ignorant law ever written. I probably would agree, and I’m happy that three plus years later, with that clown out of office, with the Republicans now in charge of the House, and the Senate, and soon the Supreme Court, and with over 1,000 seats that belonged to liberals at the start of the Bobo years now safely in the hands of Republicans, it appears that the law is finally going to come down. Or at the very least be modified to the point it doesn’t meet any of the above qualifiers.

We’ve tackled a ton of subjects over the past three plus years. Politics has been the main focus, but we’ve also touched on my second love, the media, several times. And we’ve discussed sports, celebrities, and the oddities of life. In the short span of three years and 2,000 of these blogs, we’ve had over 525,000 of you stop by. You’ve aggregately read over 1.6 million of the blogs (which I find amazing). And it keeps getting bigger every single month, and every single year.

I started this for something to do when I retired. It wasn’t necessarily meant for the whole world…it was meant as an outlet for me. But you guys and gals found it and have consistently read it. And for that, I’m extremely grateful, more than a little humble, and even a little embarrassed. Who cares what some washed up radio guy who lives in the desert thinks anyway? Hell, my wife doesn’t most days, but you guys have responded. Not everyone always agrees with me, and that’s ok. It’s not about being on my side or against my side. That’s not what I write this for. It’s about getting my feelings out there. And if you disagree, you’re just as welcome as someone that loves every word. All I ask is for the mutual respect I put out to you. I don’t put out a ton of respect for people that don’t deserve it, but I start out with it.

So, as we move on to the second 2,000 blogs, let me just say thanks. I never thought this thing would grow like it did. I never expected to meet some of you, become friends with some of you, and enjoy conversing with some of you like I have. It’s been a fun ride so far…I’m hoping it continues!

So, in true Desert Musings fashion,

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


4 thoughts on “WHEW!

  1. Well Desert, what can I say but congratulations on your milestone. I look forward to commenting as time permits on your posts, especially as the Republicans try to implement their view of Social Darwinism through demicide.

    Again, congratulations and look forward to the next 2,000.

  2. Congratulations Indeed Desert! VERY well done! I’ve had folks ask me about blogging a few times, but I just don’t have what it takes. I can handle a huge book-length project, or I can handle fly-by-night back-and-forth postings as my muse takes me, but I simply don’t have the talent to turn out substantial amounts of interesting original non-repetitive material day after day.

    So your 2,000 is VERY impressive to me!


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