Bobo: Shut Up!

Let’s get one thing straight. Bobo Obama, the world’s second most famous clown, needs to learn rule number one about being a past-president. You shut the hell up. You have one thing to learn. You don’t matter anymore. Nobody cares what you think, nobody cares what you do. You are to spend your days writing memoirs that 200 people will read, and playing golf. And if you decide you want to give back to humanity, that’s fine, just don’t start a charity if Michelle Ma Belle decides she wants to run for public office…it doesn’t work. Just ask Bill.

So, Donald Trump does one of the stupidest things he’s done since taking over at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. He decides that to help get the Washington Post and the New York Times off his back about some phony, made up story about his administration being involved with the Russians during the presidential election (with absolutely NO proof, mind you), he does something just as stupid. He goes out and decides he’s going to spread rumors that Bobo Obama and his staff bugged Trump Tower, which was not only Trump’s home, but also his campaign headquarters. And of course, Bobo blows up over this.

Now, I don’t mind him coming out and saying that he didn’t do it. I frankly expected that. But what I mind is a former president trying to meddle in the next guy’s time in office. So Bobo, you’ve had your say. It’s time to crawl back to the tee and hit your drive. Forget about trying to influence anything. Your time as president was a flop and a failure and you are done. America survived your mamby-pamby liberal feel good strategy and your do-nothing-foreign policy. We’re weaker for it today for sure, but we survived. And your successor is doing his best to right all of the things you screwed up. It’s going to take some time because you can’t fix eight years of screw ups overnight.

America no longer wants to hear from Barack Obama. He’s a has-been. He’s another Jimmy Carter. When Carter left the White House, America basically told him, “Don’t let the door hit you in the ass upon your departure”. And the same thing applies to Obama. He made history in that he was the first black president, and he should be proud about that. We should all be proud about that. But he ruined it because he was such a disaster. And now he’s gone, and we need to have him shut up. He doesn’t matter anymore. He doesn’t count. He’s just an ordinary citizen (who happens to have 24/7 Secret Service protection), who gets one vote from now on. That’s it. Maybe he gets invited to Raul Castro’s funeral when he dies, but that’s about it.

And so, Bobo, it would please most of America if you kept your mouth shut and went away. Move to Hawaii after your girls get out of school, and find a nice island where we don’t visit much. That would be a really nice present that you could give the rest of the country after such an abortion as your presidency!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


2 thoughts on “Bobo: Shut Up!

  1. Agree…he is wasting precious time that he could be on the golf course. I mean he enjoyed it a lot when he was president and should have been working! SHUT UP…I figured I would say it with you!

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