CBO Does America A Favor

One of the long-time promises of Bobo Obama’s doomed Obamacare law was that it would save every household in America an average of $2,500. So…how are you spending your windfall? In this household, we’re trying to cough up an ADDITIONAL $9,500! Yeah…that’s what I thought. Across America, Obamacare led to lie after lie after lie that no Democrat in the country can be happy to announce that they voted for. In fact, other than some person that was sick before and couldn’t get insurance, and now can (about 6 million total people), there aren’t many people in this country that can boast about anything Obamacare does.

So, let’s move to the Republican plan…what are they calling it? American Healthcare Escapade or some such nonsense? Well, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has come out with their estimates. They say that the plan will leave about 24 million more Americans without healthcare. It will save $337 Billion in the federal deficit over the next decade. And as we all know, CBO numbers are NEVER right. Usually you can double or triple their estimates to get closer numbers.

So what’s the problem? Well, the CBO “scored” the new healthcare proposal without looking at the administrative tweakings that HHS head, Tom Price would implement to help offset the increase in the uninsured. They took the plan as written. If that were the case, Obamacare would be alive and well. And there are some major flaws in their thinking.

For instance, CBO says that by 2026, there would be 52 million more uninsured in America under this new plan than under Obamacare. But that assumes that Obamacare would be able to actually make it to 2026. It can’t. It’s destined to sink sometime this year under the weight of all of the snowflake lies. That means that everybody on Obamacare today would actually lose their healthcare this year, without the new plan. And since there are only 9 million people actually on Obamacare (we aren’t counting Medicaid here), I don’t see how the increase in people losing their healthcare can be 52 million unless CBO has some magic trick up its sleeve!

The fact is, without a MAJOR rescue from congress, Obamacare dies this year. It can’t be sustained. If it were to continue on and congress WAS to rescue it, it would eat up more of the federal budget than Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid combined by 2020. No cost savings at all, as was promised. And at this point, you’d have no insurance company in the world willing to jump on board.

So, the end analysis is, we have a choice. You can watch this abortion of a healthcare bill called Obamacare implode on your doorstep, or you can tackle a new plan, which isn’t perfect by any means…as it still keeps the government tentacles in your healthcare…but will eventually cost you less. We have to believe that the governmental gurus are going to devise a way to make it so not every person on Obamacare loses insurance. Of course, that means we have to trust the government to solve the problem. Frankly, with that being the case, I can’t see how the Dems could ever doubt this thing. Isn’t the government their answer to everything?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


7 thoughts on “CBO Does America A Favor

  1. Well Desert, let’s cut through your verbal incontinence and get to the meat of the matter. Under the Trump/Ryan healthcare screw job is the repeal of the Cadillac tax paid by the wealthy gives them a tax break of $380 billion. The money for any healthcare is paid by the people who can least afford it. Put so your unwashed masses can understand it, the Republicans want you to die RFN. This is the American version of demicide.

    Carry on world and die because the Republicans want this.

    • Apparently, you don’t read too well, Snarky! I’ve said I don’t like this plan. We actually agree on it for different reasons. I want the government OUT of my healthcare decisions. They can’t make good decisions when it comes to that topic (see all the crap they do with Veterans’ administration!). I don’t like it either. And I’m glad you agree. They should decimate both plans and go back to what it was in the beginning…before that clown with the big ears thought he was president and mattered more than a hill of beans! You earn a “like” on this one!

    • You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. You make accusations without backing them up, and make no sense. And yes, certainly…Republicans want people to die…what an idiotic thought…even for you!

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