Melting Snowflakes?

Donald Trump unveiled a $1.5 Trillion budget yesterday, and as predictable, the snowflakes on Capitol Hill melted. Not just a little…they went ballistic. Now, I won’t say that their comments weren’t valid, because according to their belief system they were. I AM saying that Trump is on the right road to what a government SHOULD be…which is nothing like what the snowflakes WANT it to be.

The budget basically cuts a lot of domestic social spending in favor of the military and a down payment on “the wall”…the border wall between Mexico and the US. The “down payment” is going to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $1.5 Billion over the next year with $2.6 billion over the year in 2018. This will not achieve a total wall, and no, I didn’t see where Mexico was going to pay for it. But for Trump, it was going to accomplished.

Let’s be real here, shall we? The US budget should be based on what the taxes bring in, minus the expenditures the government makes. It SHOULD be a zero-sum, meaning that what you bring in, you spend. Not more, not less. Unfortunately that’s not the way the Democrats like to work. They think they should be able to spend a ton of money and not worry about the consequences. Sorry, I worry about the consequences.

Trump is projecting an increase in military spending, which is needed after Obama decimated the military and asked them to do more with nothing. We have so much that needs fixed in our military, Obama should be brought up on treason charges because of it! Second, we need to cut back somewhere. Obama wanted so much to go to his union buddies and those that supported him, he was oblivious to the actual numbers and what it was doing to the actual federal debt. That’s why his federal debt doubled, and he now holds the record for the largest federal debt increase in US history. What a Bozo!

Trump is getting back to a more business-like approach. Yes, it’s going to piss off the Dems because they think nothing of raising the federal debt, or the amount of spending, as long as they can “buy” voters. Trump is more realistic with this, and that’s very much needed and a good thing. He approaches it like a businessman and there isn’t a Dem out there, regardless of how liberal they are that can argue with a balanced budget! He hasn’t touched Social Security. He hasn’t touched Medicare or Medicaid. So bring it on, Snowflakes…your lame argument about “the poor” being hurt because of this budget is wrong in so many ways.

Are there cuts in social programs? Damn right there are. There should be. Why, after all, should I help fund a redistribution of wealth? No…I don’t buy that. I earned what I earned. I help who I want to help in terms of charity and I don’t want the government telling me whom I should help! I probably give more to charity than any of the Snowflakes do, so get off my case!

And that is that when it comes to the budget. Accept it. Deal with it, and if you don’t like, you should have voted in November. If not, you lost, be a grown up and deal with it, just like I had to do over the last eight years…your whining is getting very annoying!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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