Federal Judge Oversteps Bounds

See…this is exactly what gets me about the judicial branch of government. Their job is to hear cases, use the law to decide which side is right and leave it like that. Unfortunately, snowflake judges have somewhere in the past decided that they didn’t like that job duty. Somehow they feel they should not only have the ability to interpret the constitution(s) of their state and federal systems, but also, if they don’t like what those documents say, they should have the right to somehow change their meaning, change their direction, change what they say. I believe they call it “a living, breathing document”.

Let’s be clear. The constitution of a state or a federal government is not a “living and breathing document”. You cannot watch it take a breath. It is not alive. And hence, it’s a fallacy. Let me give you the latest of a liberal judge totally going off the rails.

You’ve heard of these two Executive Orders that Donald Trump has issued on travel bans from certain countries, right? These are permissible under the law, as Sean Spicer said from the podium at his White House Briefing on Thursday. He read the entire law giving ANY president (yes…Obama had the right to do it too) the right to temporarily suspend travel to and from another country for national security. Yet this federal judge in Maryland, who apparently got his appointment out of a box of Lucky Charms, has decided not only that the EO was illegal, but that it should go the other way. So, he’s ordering the President of the United States to increase the number of refugees to 100,000.

Let me repeat that. This numb-nut judge is ORDERING the President of the United States to INCREASE the number of refugees coming into this country to 100,000 per year.

So, in essence what this idiot is doing is telling the president that HE, not congress, and not the president, has the authority to set immigration standards. HE, not congress, has the sole authority to demand from the President of the United States to enact HIS legislation…without being elected to any position, without winning any vote of the people. He’s just unilaterally decided this. Hmmm…that kind of seems like an abuse of power that calls for an impeachment, wouldn’t you say?

Liberal snowflake judges need to learn once and for all what their job is. They are not to legislate from the bench. They aren’t to write new laws to fit their addle-minded, antiquated, passe positions that have never, EVER worked in any society in the history of the world. And maybe, what needs to happen is that the congress needs to wake these fools up and impeach a few of them. Let them know that if they aren’t going to do the job they were appointed to do, they won’t be doing any job for the federal government. It’s time someone stood up to them. They are NOT all powerful. No person in government is (though Dems LOVE to believe they are).

I believe we should call on congress to impeach all of these idiots and do in now! Healthcare and immigration reform can wait.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


9 thoughts on “Federal Judge Oversteps Bounds

  1. Well Desert, you what I like about conservative and the rest of the bat shit crazy right, one, they usually do not know what they are talking about and, two, if they do not know something, they make it up and pull it out of their rectum. Such is the case here.

    You whine about judges that do not rule the way you want (#whinnylittlebitches) and howl that their ruling has no basis in your interpretation of Constitutional law. Since it obvious that you and your unwashed masses that read this blog slept through U.S. history in high school and maybe college if you attended, you missed the case of Marbury v. Madison (1803) a/k/a the midnight judges case. Rather than bore you with the facts of the case, the Supreme Court ruled that the courts had the right of judicial review. That means they were the final arbiter of what is Constitutional or not. It is part of the checks and balances of our government. This drives that clown on Trumps staff Stephen Miller crazy. In the instant matter, the judges both in Maryland and the case in Hawaii ruled that the executive order is unconstitutional with the Maryland judge issuing a national Temporary Restraining Order barring the implementation of the travel ban. Trump is appealing to the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals where he will probably lose, same for the 9th Circuit.

    While Sean (#blitheringidiot) Spicer states that the president has the authority to issue executive order (#obamaordersillegal), the authority is not unlimited nor not reviewable by the courts.

    As for the point about immigration, this is the rectum part, no where in the judge’s order does it address this alleged increase in immigration. The order, I checked with a couple of attorneys, real ones unlike your fake FBI agent, and nowhere is increased immigration numbers mentioned. I admit the judge did speak of immigration but no increase

    So, here’s $.50, call your mommy and tell you are not Alan friggin Dershowitz and never will be.

    Class dismissed, now go read the order and learn something.

    • Snarky, you poor misguided creature. How can you claim to be so intelligent and be so ignorant at the same time? There is a HUGE difference between “Judicial Review” (and yes…I aced the Marbury v. Madison test), and what I was talking about which is in this case, legislating from the bench. You need to know the difference since you claim to be all up on the law without really not knowing much about it.
      Second, when you want to tell me what Sean Spicer said, it may be helpful if you actually WATCH him at the podium, because you were WAY off base…you didn’t even cover the right topic. Try opening the ears!
      And again, if you are going to make accusations (FAKE FBI agents???) you damn well better be able to back up what you say. The next time, you go in the spam folder! Nuff said…period!

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