Need Proof The Left Is Out Of Control?

I’ve said it many times before, but it certainly bears repeating…you can always tell a fake party by it’s true intentions. Let’s take the liberal look at things. Here is a group that likes to believe they are “more intelligent” than the rest of the world (hence, the name “progressive”), and yet, they refuse to look at facts that show that they are wrong. Here’s the proof:

While just 16% of Republicans (according to a Gallup Poll) believe that one of the biggest problems facing us today is “Global Climate Warming Change”, the number for Democrats is 68%. That means 2/3 of snowflakes believe the crap being spread…either that or they’ve bought in to the argument for the sake of giving up more freedoms, more control, more money, and more power to governments. There IS a problem in their logic.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has been caught, by my count, 6 times over the past two years lying about data they’ve collected because it didn’t show “global warming” to be happening in some instances, or happening as much as they had told the world. Scientists all over the world have recanted their earlier testimony that this was a HUGE human problem, stating that while the world may indeed be cooling or warming, humans aren’t the main reason why and human reaction to it won’t change what’s going on. It’s a cyclical thing.

Hmmm…does that sound familiar? It should. It’s been exactly what I’ve been saying for years.

What I find interesting is that the left, these monsters of intelligence, can’t come up with a better lie than what they’ve chosen to give us regarding “climate change”. Of course climates change…it’s what they do (to quote a certain insurance company’s current ad campaign). But it doesn’t mean that WE have anything to do about it, or that we CAN do anything about it! The left seems to conveniently leave that part of it out of their little equation. Maybe they just think we’re too addle-minded to pick up on it?

The only people that are buying into this myth are the people on the left. That tells me that the people prone to be lacking intelligence are the very same people that are perpetrating this hoax. Folks, there MAY be global warming. But you know what? You aren’t the cause. I have asked at least six times over the past year for ANY liberal out there that believes in this Chicken Little Story to answer this question: If humans are the cause of this warming or cooling or change, or whatever you call it, how in hell did the Ice Age happen without us, and how in hell did the Ice Age end without us?

I’ve talked to “scientists”, liberals, academia, and politicians. No one has been able to answer that question. But how did we ever warm back up without people in SUV’s taking Jimmy to soccer practice, and Al Gore flying all over the world in a private jet? That’s when I get the deer in the headlights look.

Don’t buy into this global warming myth. IF it’s happening (and science doesn’t even know that for sure…because they’ve tainted all of the data), we ain’t the cause. It’s just another liberal attempt to wrestle more of your money, your freedoms, and your power away from you and give it to them…just like Obamacare was supposed to do.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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