So Why Are 30 Countries Doing This?

I had to chortle yesterday when I read this. Henry Cuellar, a Democrat representative from Texas, has come out and it was reported in The Hill that 30 countries have refused to accept people FROM their countries that have illegally entered the United States, and are being deported…NOT because of the fact that they broke US Federal Law by coming here…but because of all of the other crimes they have committed SINCE coming here.

And I have to wonder why.

Why is it that 30 countries (basically 15% of all countries on earth!), would refuse to accept their own citizens back into their country when being deported from the US? Any liberal want to try and tackle that one? Is it that they are so involved in trying to help their people achieve the Great American Dream that they figure if they “just say no” they will help them live better? Or is it that they don’t want to deal with the people that are the scum of the earth, many of whom apparently fled their country to escape prosecution there, and have ended up here (illegally), and continued their crime spree here?

Here is where Representative Cuellar and I agree totally. Under US law, we can (and should) withhold issuing visas to any country that refuses to accept criminals being deported back to their home country. Yet, we are not enforcing that law, and are continuing to issue visas to all 30 countries that are violating that law. Cuellar is asking why we aren’t enforcing that law, and I’m 100% asking the same thing. If we are really getting serious (finally!) about immigration, and letting the scum of the earth into our country to perpetrate more crimes, as many have been doing, then why are we trying to deport them, while not stopping visas to ALL from that country until they accept the criminal back? It’s a question that deserves an answer…and yet, none of the 30 countries involved are willing to give an answer.

So, what do we do? Well, we should start by yanking the visa applications from anyone from those countries that want to come here until the country decides they will accept the deportee back. That IS after all our law. We do NOT (regardless what addle-minded snowflake judges think) have to allow anyone that is deemed to pose a threat to national security into this country. Oh, I know the left would love nothing better than to open the doors, and let all the world’s terrorists in, but that just demonstrates how totally off-base they are in the 21st century. That may have worked in 1600, but certainly doesn’t today, and some of the smarter ones know it.

Congratulations to Representative Cuellar, a Democrat, and a pretty liberal Democrat from what I can see, for exposing this heinous act of our federal government. We need to stop issuing visas to these 30 countries NOW, and withhold them until they start accepting their deportees back. Either that or send the deportees to some deserted desert island somewhere in the pacific. Is the one Gilligan and the Skipper were on still out there?

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  1. I just heard this today on Stefan Molyeneux’s podcast and I couldn’t believe that. That countries were refusing re-entry to their own citizens. Common sensically, that tells you everything you need to know about them, and us – when we take them in or take them back. Very curious how the immigration policies are changed over the next two years.

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