Did Politics Catch Up To Howard Schultz?

Howard Schultz, the 63 year old CEO of Starbucks, who’s been at the helm of the coffee giant twice, is stepping down.

Schultz oversaw the growth of the world’s largest coffee company from its inception in 1992 to 2000, and then again in 2008 after profits crashed (along with pretty much everybody else’s) until it’s horrendous downturn this year. It’s unclear why he’s leaving at this particular point in time, some say he’s determined to run for political office, others say it’s because of his controversial remarks dealing with hiring “10,000 refugees” in the wake of Donald Trump’s travel bans that caused the departure. Any way you look at it, since the beginning of the year, Starbucks has been on a downward slide.

Most of the people that understand this stuff better than I, are pointing to the 10,000 refugee remark. They wonder why the uber-lib didn’t offer 10,000 jobs to returning veterans instead, as several other noble-minded companies have done. Instead, he has continued on a leftist bent that has struck a chord with a lot of eco-minded folks, and lately has upset about half of his base, some of whom have refused to purchase their morning java from a company that is so politically motivated.

You can’t argue with success though, and Schultz has built a company from nothing to a multi-billion dollar giant throughout his 17 years at the helm. Oh, there was some growth between 2000 and 2008, when Schultz had stepped away, but that was basically wiped out in the crash of 2008. But as happens with so many, if you stay too long in a position, you risk losing it all if you make a wrong move. Whether Schultz was forced out because of his political stances, or whether he is looking for a different path, like politics to pursue, is something we will have to wait for up the road.

The future for Starbucks isn’t as crystal clear as it once was. Analysts are quick to point out that it may not be because of Schultz and his leadership, but it will be interesting to watch and see what happens to the coffee juggernaut without Schultz at the helm, and the country moving more to the right. It made sense that with an uber-liberal socialist in the White House, the country would be more apt to accept the liberal stances of the company. Now with a much more moderate president, and congress, and soon Supreme Court, will the country be as accepting to a company whose views are rather out of step with mainstream America? Only time will tell.

And whether we will hear from Howard Schultz again, or whether he slips to that rocking chair on his front porch is a question only time will answer as well!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


5 thoughts on “Did Politics Catch Up To Howard Schultz?

  1. Well Desert, the people who wonder why Schultz via Starbucks is not offering jobs to vets instead of immigrants, are the typical ill informed clowns that don’t know what they are talking about.

    I have seen commercials and an interview with Schultz on CNBC (a known left wing, socialist communist channel) last year where he discussed hiring vets and actively pursuing at vet job fairs.

    Facts are not biased.

    Not my illegitimate, minority elected, Russkie stooge president.


  2. Well Desert, nice to see you accept facts from me even though I find it just a touch lukewarm.

    As you might be aware, I did not vote for the Mango Meathead con man, he is your joe, you own him just as I owned Obama. Although you never comment on this clown, except when something positive happens, you have to be appalled by his behavior, his lack of knowledge as to governing and government, appointed the worst cabinet I have ever seen and that includes Tricky Dick from Yoruba Linda and Saint Ronnie of Alzheimer’s. He is a pathological liar, makes shit up, i.e., Obama wiretapping. His poll numbers are a disaster and if this healthcare thing fails, stick a fork in him, he’s done. He treats the taxpayer like a piggy bank with Secret Service protection for his family and his allmost weekly visit to his garish bordello of a home to play golf on his overpriced courses. This is the bunch that complained about Obama playing golf.

    No , he may represent me as the minority winner of a tainted election, but not my president.

    • Whoa there! Let’s not go all rogue on the truth here Snarky! I’ve had PLENTY of negative comments on Trump! I’ve said from day one that I’ve not been a fan of his and that even though I voted for him, it wasn’t because I thought he’d do a good job…it was solely because he was the best candidate (and the least likely to end up wearing an orange jump suit). So, let’s back off on the love fest with the Donald, ok? As far as the healthcare thing, you and I agree on it for different reasons. I think the federal government has no business in my health insurance. You want them to cover everybody for free (a nice idea, but in this world where the sky isn’t rose colored, SOMEBODY has to pay for it!). Even so, it’s WAY too early to bring out forks. If AHCA dies, then it’s on to the next thing, and the Conservative Caucus ends up screwing this bill up for him, he WILL live to fight another day. They on the other hand, will probably get a little primary battle when it’s time for re-election next year. I also think it’s funny that you worry about the money Trump spends to go to Florida, but you didn’t say boo on the hundreds of millions of dollars we poor taxpayers spent so Michelle Ma Belle could vacation in style with her girls all over the world. Consistency, Snarky…consistency!

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