Napolitano Benched At Fox News

Yes, he’s acerbic. Yes, he’s bold, brassy, and opinionated. But was he actually right? That seems to be the question regarding Fox News contributor Judge Andrew Napolitano, who was benched earlier in the week for comments he made tying the British to the Obama bugging Trump Tower story.

Once again, as I’ve said before, there is NO proof at this point in time that Barack Obama, of whom you all know I’m not a fan, bugged anybody on his own (or even with a FISA court judge’s approval). And according to FBI Director James Comey, there’s no evidence of it happening. Of course, Comey said there was no evidence that Hillary did anything illegal either. Frankly, I thought he was just trying out new comedy material for an appearance on The Tonight Show. Anyway, I digress. Judge Napolitano, who Fox News has used almost exclusively anytime there has been a legal question or legal issue to be debated said that Obama teamed up with the British to bug Trump Tower. Napolitano said he had three sources to back him up on that. Everybody else seems to think it’s hogwash.

It was mentioned from the podium at the White House in a press briefing, which of course, made it an international incident. The British immediately dismissed the idea. Comey dismissed the idea. And Trump later claimed that he got the story from Napolitano and told reporters pressing him to go talk to Fox News. Well, they did.

Fox News said there wasn’t any shred of evidence that anyone tapped Trump Tower either…and so they benched Napolitano for the comment. You won’t be seeing him on air anytime in the near future, though as with most people, most recently Bob Beckel from “The Five”, being benched doesn’t mean being banned.

I don’t know what’s going on at Fox News, but since Roger Ailes left the juggernaut news giant, they’ve seemed to stumble quite a bit. They got rid of Megyn Kelly, which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. They got rid of George Will, which is ok too (old and pompous is ok, but was too much of a good thing with Will AND Krauthammer!). There have been other “contributors” let go as well or not had their contracts renewed. All of this is interesting from the fact that Fox News for the past 17 years has blown away CNN and crushed MSNBC in the cable ratings game. They still lag the “broadcast” networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) in their nightly news, but they beat everybody else. And when there is a major news story, such as the election, the presidential debates, or some other major story, Fox News tops even the broadcast networks in ratings.

So, it’s puzzling why Fox would pull the rug out from people who swear they’ve got three sources to their news stories. Maybe they should be checking out the sources before they start cutting the cord? Only time will tell when Napolitano is allowed back on the air…but one thing is certain. Fox will have him back. He’s popular, and well-liked by the commentators.

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!