The Immigration Paradox

Ask most conservatives whether or not we should build a wall on the southern border with Mexico, and you’ll get a resounding “YES!” But the problem is that while most want the wall, getting it done, like most things in Washington, isn’t as easy as saying you want to do it.

One of the first things that people have to understand is, somebody somewhere has to be giving up land to the federal government so they can build the wall. In some cases, that means selling off property that these folks have had in their families for generations. In others, it means losing a piece of their property that the probably didn’t want to lose in the first place. Oh, they’ll all get paid for the property, that isn’t the question. The question comes in as to what is the property worth? And there is the crux when any government takes property through imminent domain (which is how it will happen with the wall).

So, you’re going to have farmers losing parts of their fields. You’re going to have back yards and parking lots, and maybe school playgrounds being taken by the federal government, just to build the wall. In some places, where you have a major Interstate running right up against the wall, how are you going to do it? El Paso, Texas is one such place. It’s common place to see border patrol agents stopping people on the side of the road right there on I-10. I’ve seen it while covering a basketball team in town to take on UTEP. Border patrol agents had three illegals handcuffed and sitting on the side of the road just after they had climbed a fence on the American side of the Rio Grande (which wasn’t much of a “Rio”, and certainly wasn’t “Grande”).

We haven’t even begun to talk about the “Sanctuary City” mess. Apparently, these cities strewn in heavily liberal places throughout the country have decided that they aren’t going to follow federal law when it comes to immigration. They are going to go their own way on that one. Of course, when it gets to the Supreme Court, they’ll lose. Trump wants to ban federal funding to be used for policing in those cities that choose to ignore the federal laws, and the cities have threatened to take him to court over it. Somewhere, these libs seem to have forgot that federal law takes precedence over local ordinances and state law…but they’ll have to learn their 9th grade Civics class all over again when they get to court.

Overall, don’t expect immigration, like tax reform or the “replacement and repealing” of Obamacare to be done anytime soon. In fact, the Republicans could be exceedingly frustrated in Washington to the point where one of two things will happen. Either the GOP voters will vote their own representatives and senators out of office because they couldn’t get anything done, even though they had a majority in both houses of congress, or there will be bloodshed on the Democrats’ side so the GOP has a filibuster proof majority in the senate, and a good sized majority in the house. It seems that’s about the only way something is going to get done in DC anymore!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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