Pelosi Was…RIGHT?

Nancy Pelosi, the Wicked Witch of the West, has been right once, maybe twice in her life. That’s it. But she hit the nail on the head the other day when she called Donald Trump’s attempt to pass a terrible healthcare alternative to Obamacare a “Rookie mistake”. She had it spot on.

The Donald screwed up big time in a few avenues and he’s to blame along with Paul Ryan for trying to get a bill that was less than it should have been through congress. Let me be very clear…the Obamacare law that we currently are forced to live under belongs in Soviet-era Russia. It is not a bill a free country chooses to live by because it’s socialism from the get go. But having said that, the bill known as the AHCA (American’s Health Care Act) that Ryan and Trump tried to foist on the public is even worse. That’s because it does nothing to “repeal” Obamacare. It only wings it a little bit. It needs to shoot it through the heart.

Let’s make sure we understand each other. The Federal Government has no business in yours or my healthcare. Period. They do not need to get involved in the decisions I make, or my doctor makes. There is no room for that to happen. Unfortunately, the Republicans have bit on the Snowflakes’ bait that since you gave free healthcare to a few million poor folks, you need to always give free healthcare to a few million poor folks. Nothing could or should be further from the truth.

The bill the House should have put together was to defund Obamacare entirely. That means take anything that required one dollar of taxpayer money, and take it out of the bill. That part would have been easy. Where the GOP screwed up is, they tried to “replace” it with something. Look, the Dems, as bad of a bill as Obamacare is, took a year to write it. The GOP did it in less than two months. And they did a crappy job with it. It made healthcare in this country worse, not better…and I didn’t think you could get worse than Obamacare!

Ask yourself this question…do you really want the same group of fools who put together and run the Veterans’ Administration, and all of the snafu’s and crap they have dealt with over the past 25 years to be running YOUR healthcare? The answer by the way should be no! And if Donald Trump isn’t smart enough to realize that, maybe he needs to go on Obamacare and try and find quality healthcare.

Paul Ryan and Donald Trump screwed up big time on this one. They tried to rush a bill through congress that was full of holes, full of fees, full of bad ideas in the name of replacing a bad law. You don’t replace a bad law, you get rid of it. That’s where the GOP screwed up. Now they are eating crow as the Snowflakes celebrate (and they should). It also screwed up tax reform later on this year…thanks Trump!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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      • Well, there was a death in the family on my wife’s side; Buried him this past Friday. Every ache and pain, he would run to a doctor’s office. First doctor gave some kind of prescription. Then he goes to a second doctor, and that doctor telephones the first doctor and discusses things. Second doctor said, no prescription, because the first doctor gave one and that really covers it all, and what he was going to prescribe, might have a bad effect on him. So, instead of being glad, he becomes outraged, and those two doctors he declares are “no good”. The last time I had spoken to the guy, he tells me that he has some rare disease. How terrible, when did all that happen, I ask. He says that he read it in some magazine, and he has “ALL” the symptoms. The little bells and flags are going off in my head. (Hmmm…)
        So it ended up, he went to three other different doctors, and did not tell them about any other physicians or medications. He had about a dozen. What was the cause of death, I asked. They told me, and days past, came to mind…
        Decades ago, in NYC, the 75th Precinct, 9-1-1 gets a call about a burglary in progress. Guy was crow barring a door. People see the guy in the hallway and shout, but he produces a gun. They go back in their apartment and call 9-1-1. The patrol car was right on top of the location and they pull up, see the guy, a known street mutt, who has a bed sheet with goodies slung over his shoulder like Santa Claus. Cops exit the patrol car and the guy raises the gun at them. One cop shoots immediately clearing the holster and the .38 Special round hits the guy above the knee, in the thigh. He’s screaming. “Oh, the cops shot me”, and all that. Rear cuffed, the ambulance takes the guy to the nearest hospital, and the guy dies in the emergency room. No arteries hit. No vital organs hit. Autopsy indicates no drugs in system. No alcohol in system. Shot in the front of the thigh in meat. What, did him in? He willed himself to die. Hysteria.
        So what happened to my wife’s cousin?
        “Mild” heart attack. He willed himself to die.
        I can be a mean, hard headed SOB at times. Even when I was cut by some mutt trying to rob me when I was exiting a bank, and I disarmed him, I never went for shots or stitches. I simply let it bleed, and I was mad as hell, that I missed his windpipe with my grasp. I avoid doctors. Unless they are delivering babies or pulling bullets, I have no use for any of them. They never delivered any baby from my body (obviously), and I never had need for them to pull anything like a bullet from me. Defense attorneys, hate me when I am on jury duty and it is a malpractice suit. They said openly that I must be nuts. I answered, no, I am just mule headed.

  1. I would have given this a like but I CANNOT. Why? Because I cannot bare to say tge wicked witch was right about ANYTHING. LOL…can’t do it. Why is she STILL in our government. She is a clear dingbat.

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