Cuban Needs To Stick To TV, Sports

Let me say up front that as an NBA owner, and a reality TV celebrity, I like Mark Cuban. I think he’s a guy you’d want to sit down and have a beer with (if I drank beer). But I don’t really want to hear his political views. I don’t really care what he thinks about issues concerning our country. He’s a businessman, and a damn good one, and I give him credit for that, but he’s not a politician. He’s not someone that is a constitutional scholar, and he’s not someone I would personally turn to for advice on how the country should be run.

That being said, he should probably stick to being an NBA owner, a reality TV celebrity, and a businessman.

Cuban has come out and demanded that “health care be a right of every American”. Well, that’s a nice liberal thought, but unfortunately, he’s off base. Let me give you his quote: “I think health care should be a right. If there’s a legitimate way to modify the Constitution, I literally think there should be an amendment to the Constitution for healthcare for chronic illnesses and serious injury. We all play the genetic lottery”.

First of all, health care is NOT a right. It’s a privilege. It’s like a driver’s license. There is nothing anywhere in the world that guarantees that you should be able to see a doctor anytime you want for any illness that you want. If that were the case, these doctors would all be government employees and would all be paid far less than they are now. That would also mean that far fewer people would become doctors, and there wouldn’t be anywhere near the desire to do the research that we have going on. Yes, there is a love of people that drives doctors and researchers and nurses to perform their duties, but let’s not forget that money is also a motivating factor in a lot of cases…and Cuban is just plain wrong.

You cannot put Freedom of Health care on the same plane as Freedom of Speech, and Freedom of Religion. And the reason is very simple, and this is going to rile atheist liberals everywhere…freedoms are NOT man made. Freedoms come from God. Man cannot add or take away freedoms. Man can oppress those freedoms for a while, like that moon-face in North Korea is doing, but man cannot undo what has been granted by God. And man cannot come up with new freedoms that should be included either. Oh, we can try. But if you look at it, they usually don’t work out as well. Why? Because they come from man, and that is not the source of our freedom. Mark Cuban doesn’t understand the constitution, and it shows by his ridiculous statement.

By the way, I’m not advocating not doing something for healthcare. I’m advocating getting government OUT of my healthcare and letting it be between me and my doctors. Now, I’m not naïve enough to think that there won’t be some sort of governmental interference…I get that. Every state has insurance commissioners and the like, and writes their own rules. But I don’t need a TV host telling me what should be a “right” when he has no idea what a “right” is. This is the same logic that brought us the “airline passengers’ Bill of Rights”…or the “Restaurant Bill of Rights”, or whatever the hell else you want.

Stick to Shark Tank, Mark. At least you make some sense there!

And yeah…I know…there’s a guy in the White House that if you just changed the name, the same could apply. And it does!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!