What Do These Places Have In Common?

The Census Bureau just released a list of the cities that have the largest decreases and increases from July 1, 2015 through July 1, 2016. And there is something rather astonishing on that list. Let’s see if you can tell what that is. Now, these are listed by county, but you’ll still get the idea!

1. Cook County, Illinois (Chicago): Loss of 21,324
2. Wayne County, Michigan (Detroit): Loss of 7,696
3. Baltimore, Maryland: Loss of 6,738
4. Cuyahoga County, Ohio (Cleveland): Loss of 5,673
5. Suffolk County, New York (Long Island): Loss of 5,320
6. Milwaukee County, Wisconsin (Milwaukee): Loss of 4,866
7. Allegheny County, Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh): Loss of 3,933
8. San Juan County, New Mexico (Northwest Corner of the state): Loss of 3,622
9. St. Louis County, Missouri (St. Louis): Loss of 3,471
10. Jefferson County, NY (Watertown): Loss of 3,254

Now…quick quiz. What do nine of those ten areas have in common? Answer: They are run by Democrats. The only exception to the rule is Jefferson County, NY which is a very Republican area.

My point here is simple. The places in this country that are run by Democrats are the places that are losing people. Why? Take a look at the list. Chicago is the country’s murder capital, and it’s government can’t do a damn thing about it with some of the toughest gun laws in the country. Detroit, also a long-time Democrat strong hold has been corrupt for so long they had to file bankruptcy.

What’s the fastest growing county in the country? Maricopa County, Arizona…Phoenix. It added 81,360 during the same time period. By the way, that’s more than the 65,897 people that the top ten losers actually lost! And what is the political makeup of Maricopa County, Arizona? Well, there is one County Supervisor that is a Democrat, the County Recorder, who just got elected after a scandal pretty much shut down the Republican is a Democrat, and the Sheriff, who replace “America’s Sheriff” Joe Arpaio (who as in his 80’s and needed to retire) is also a Democrat. Other than that, the entire county is run by Republicans. Baltimore, Cleveland, Long Island, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, and St. Louis have all had nothing but bad news lately (ok…except for the Cleveland Cavs winning the NBA title last year…see how much that helped?).

And what about Maricopa County? It’s pretty much been run by Republicans for decades. And it’s thriving. Jobs are easy to come by, the economy is booming, even in light of a state-passed minimum wage increase of $1.95 an hour that has caused a lot of increased prices.

The whole point here is easy to see. States that are run by Democrats are always in trouble. States run by Republicans typically do MUCH better. The same is true at the city and county level. You can’t spend money you don’t have for very long and expect it to be alright. Redistribution of wealth and deficit spending are never ways to accomplish success, and liberalism has NEVER worked anywhere it’s been tried. It fails for one very simple reason…people have the ability to leave and to move somewhere where they can keep their hard earned money. And in this case, we don’t have to deal with 10 inches of snow in March in Phoenix!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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  1. Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    Suffolk County, NY, has the highest real property taxes in the nation, and is detrimental to stability, because two classes are established, the “carriage trade”, and the “peasants”.
    I am on 60’x100′ and taxes at almost $12K per year.
    The democrat leadership, whom, I know, only feeds more of the elite and poor, while having no regard for anyone in between. Florida, is the recipient of those displaced.

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