Trump Set To Erase Obama Record On Climate Global Change Warning

Geesh. I really wish those Eco-Terrorists would come up with a solid name for what their latest world-wide scam is! Global Climate Warming Change, or whatever is just too long! Anyway, Donald Trump appears to be following in his predecessor’s footsteps in one regard. He’s hell bent on getting more done without congress than with it.

The latest demonstration of that came when the Trump administration announced that basically Bobo Obama’s eco-legacy was dead. Trump is going to “strip” away the coal mining moratorium (pun intended), and is also going to remove the requirement that federal officials need to consider global warming changing climate factors when making decisions.

One of the ways Trump will do this is to slash some federal budgets. EPA, NOAA, NASA, and other agencies that have been leaders in the Eco-Terrorist movement are going to find themselves lacking in funding coming up starting next year. And while NASA may not feel the sting quite as much, they will find that their focus isn’t going to be the space around Earth, but space in general…as it was always intended to be when more sane people were in the White House.

All of these administrative moves shows a larger issue, which really came into focus during Obama’s term, and is coming to the forefront during Trump’s reign as well. Obama became a master of the Executive Order, and it seems that Donald Trump has learned Woodrow Wilson’s theory of government, and is using it in ways that Wilson would be spinning in his grave right now. Administrators, not congress is what is important in government today. So, have the administrators of the various agencies do your dirty work. We have seen what happens when something tries to get through congress…it gets bogged down in a lot of political weeds.

What should happen with Obamacare now is very simple. Trump just doesn’t spend the money on it. He should tell Dr. Tom Price, head of Health and Human Services, not to spend a dime on Obamacare, and to let the insurance companies know that they aren’t going to receive dollar one from the federal government for anything. That means that ALL insurance companies pull out, and the plan dies of its own volition.

And the same thing can happen with all of this climate change nonsense. By simply not spending the money congress authorizes him to spend, Trump can go around congress without any problems. There is no law that says every dollar MUST be spent in exactly the way congress proscribed. If there were, our 44th president would have been impeached! So, Trump is free to administer as he sees fit, and following the good progressives out there that think there should only be a president and a cabinet of administrators, Trump ought to rule accordingly, leaving congress out of it entirely…until that body comes to its senses (if it ever does!).

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


3 thoughts on “Trump Set To Erase Obama Record On Climate Global Change Warning

  1. Great article and yes, if the way the game was played by Obama was good enough for the Dems, then surely they’re cool with Trump doing things the same way. Glad we sorted that one out! However, without the spending on global warming, I worry that we won’t know which year the planet will explode. How will Algore be able to tell us??

    • Ah! Great question…it’s something else the left perpetuated (though there have been some on the right that do it pretty well as well), and are expert at it (ask Susan Rice!)…it’s called “the lie”.

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