Trump Shows GOP How To Deal With Snowflakes

Hey, I’m not the biggest Donald Trump fan that ever lived. I was very slow to get on board the train, wasn’t sure it was going in the right direction several times, and was positive it would never stop at the White House. But he proved me wrong all along the way. Thankfully, he also proved every single pundit in Washington except Ann Coulter wrong as well.

So, while I’m still not 100% a Trumpee yet, I AM starting to watch with a lot more attention than I normally pay. What I have found out is, you don’t want to get into an argument with this guy. You aren’t going to win. Take the latest Democrat ploy to look into Trump’s alleged ties to Russia during the election. What does Trump do? Well, the normal Republican president would deny, deny, deny. Trump on the other hand denies of course, but then he turns the tables on you.

Donald Trump has asked the Congress to open investigations into Hillary Clinton’s ties to Russia.

It’s an interesting move. She is, after all, the person while Secretary of State, that allowed about half of the Uranium in this country to be sold to a Russian company, was she not? And wasn’t that after a sizable donation, and speaking engagement was extended to her husband, a former president, to go to the Land of Lenin and give a talk for what, a half million dollars? Interesting turn of events, don’t you think?

So, I have to (somewhat grudgingly) give Donald Trump some credit on this one. We’re not dealing with a dope here, folks. This guy is calculated. Oh, he’s not “Washington smart”, but he’s smart. He isn’t going to take crap from anybody, and that is the one thing about him that I really like. He’s able to turn the attention away from anything going on that he doesn’t like and get the media, and the rest of the world talking about someone or something else.

He hasn’t called for Hillary to be thrown in jail. He’s just called for her to be investigated. After all, isn’t that what Chuck Schumer has asked Congress to do with him? Isn’t turnabout fair play? And what if Congress (which by the way, isn’t the smartest investigators on the planet) finds nothing on him, yet finds something on her? Will the snowflakes out there claim it was all political, and that poor ol’ Hillary has served this country throughout her life (as what? Governor’s wife? First Lady? Failed presidential candidate (twice)).

Like the guy or hate the guy, you gotta give him credit. He isn’t going to take monkey stink from anybody. He’s going to throw it right back atcha and if you can’t catch it, you deserve to be made fun of. That’s the way the guy rolls, and so far, I’m kind of enjoying the show. Now if we can just get those idiots on Capitol Hill to act the same way!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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