Watch Where You Browse!

The House of Representatives decided in a really stupid move, to block an Obama administration internet privacy protection rule and allow your browsing history to be sold. That’s right. Where you’ve been on the internet, what you’ve done, and what you’ve seen has all been recorded (and you thought by just deleting the browsing history you could erase it???), and now thanks to this bill (SJR-34), you are going to be able to actually buy browsing history of someone. Of course, that means someone else can buy YOUR browser history.

And it didn’t take long for the people on the internet to figure out that they can therefore, buy the browsing history of the people that are voting for this bill. So far, at least over $300,000 has been raised by groups trying to stop the bill’s passage. And they hope to do it by threatening to buy the browsing history of every Representative and Senator that votes for the bill.

So, if the folks in DC have nothing to hide, they can go ahead and vote to make that information public without any real worry. If, however, they’re viewing porn sites, or wife swapping sites, or some other seedy places on the internet, they should be careful. You need to watch what you do because you could end up being “hoisted by your own petard” to quote Mr. Shakespeare!

Actually, I think the guys on the internet making the stink are right. There SHOULD be some privacy, and frankly, I don’t care who sees where I’ve been…I lead a rather boring life. You’ll get a bunch of sites on Amazon where I visit pretty much every day…you’ll see the news sites I read to bring you this blog…of course, you’ll see the WordPress site because I write this pretty much every day…and you’ll see a BUNCH of stuff on YouTube because I love watching tutorials on video game play. That aside, there’s Facebook, and an occasional Twitter visit, email, and a bunch of sites that have you take surveys (It’s a time waster of mine). And that’s about it…you want my browsing history? There it is!

As far as what Washington does, frankly I could care less. Oh, I’m sure there are more Anthony Weiner’s there than just the former congressman. I’m sure there are a bunch of folks who would be embarrassed and probably would lose their seats on Capitol Hill if their constituents found out where they were stopping off on the internet, but as long as they are doing their jobs correctly, and aren’t doing anything illegal, I don’t care what they do in their off time.

In the end, what I do in my house (again, as long as it’s legal), should be my business. I don’t want to pry into your house and see what it is you’re doing, and you shouldn’t be wanting to do it either. And frankly, if this passes, those in DC probably SHOULD get what they deserve!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


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